Ikea: An Adventure in Domestication?


A long time ago, in the land of early-twentyism, I used to get a good laugh out of people that went day-tripping to Ikea. I mean, seriously, an entire day spent in a big furniture warehouse? Why? Who could possibly spend that long shopping in one single place? How much of a life could you have if you got all psyched over a day at Ikea? I mean, it’s just furniture and lamps people, come on!

Granted I had never been to Ikea back then, and even after the first time I was (my very first trip to Belgium to visit Piet began with a stop at Ikea before I ever even saw his house), I was still relatively unaffected. I mean, it was big and nice, but still, a whole day there? Nope, not for me.

To this day I’m not sure when I actually began to look forward to going to Ikea. All I know is that last weekend one of my friends went to Ikea to check out the sales and when she came back and showed me some of her stuff I suddenly felt the desperate need to spend a day at Ikea.

To the point where several days ahead of time I began bugging Piet to pick a day to go so that we could be sure to have a car for the day (we use a car sharing system). When he asked what I needed there I didn’t really have an answer. I mean granted I’m always in the market for a tube of smoked salmon paste (no really, that’s not a joke, I love the stuff), but there was nothing special I really needed or wanted. I just felt the desire to dine on a plate of Swedish meatballs before purchasing some picture frames or a lamp or something overly streamlined and modern.

Thus, today (my last day off until next Friday, ugh) became Ikea day for Calliope and Piet!! Yaaaay!!!

Seriously, nothing could dampen my mood today. I was practically bouncing in the passenger seat as we pulled into the parking garage.
Cause we were finally at Ikea!
How can you not love it?! It’s got several smoked seafood products in tubes! And rack upon rack upon show room of completely matching sets of stuff!

It’s got lingonberries and mattresses that have names that sound like the volcano in Iceland!!

Ah a day at Ikea. I’m not sure whether to laugh at my younger self or cry about the fact that I’ve hit the age where Ikea day has become the highlight of my month.


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  1. hahahahaaaa

    I love it when I can imagine the decoration of an entirely new place, like we’re doing now. Just strolling around and looking at everything. But if you’ve been there a couple of times in a few weeks, the novelty wears off again

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