With This Ring, I Thee Wed


Have I shown you a picture of my wedding band yet?
No? I didn’t think so. Here it is:

Pretty isn’t it?

Piet and I didn’t go for the matching band thing. We each went for what we liked best and his looks equally nice on him. Also no, there is no engagement ring, in case you were wondering. They don’t always do the engagement ring thing here and Piet and I couldn’t afford one at the time anyway. And I’ll take “no engagement ring” over “no engagement until there is a ring” any day.

Anyway, I used to be a big ring wearer in high school and college. I had a claddagh that I wore for years as well as this awesome 69 thumb ring I wore every day (including prom…my mother was so pissed) and several other rings I alternated wearing. Then, I guess around the time I started working in daycare, I stopped wearing rings. And earrings and necklaces and pretty much any other jewelry aside from a cheap watch.

Because who wants to scrape questionable crud out of their jewelry crevices every night? Or risk having there earlobes shredded by graspy toddlers refusing to let go of a shiny earring. I mean, I got a black eyes just from wearing glasses and colliding with a rambunctious kid falling off the water table.

So you can imagine, after almost 5 years of wearing almost no jewelry (except on special occasions) how initially uncomfortable it was to have my wedding band on all the time. Piet and I actually bought a special ring holder because we were both convinced that we would lose our rings any time we took them off.
And admittedly, I think I actually forgot to put my ring back on twice and Piet only once, but in the past month I’ve begun to actually forget to take it off every time I wash my hands or clean something at work. In fact, I rarely, if ever, take it off at all anymore. I sleep with it on and work with it on. My finger has a faint tan line now and a small callous has formed on my left palm, just underneath the joint where my finger meets my hand, from where my skin if often pinched between my wedding band and the filter holder at work.

Like everything else, my wedding band has become a part of me. Just like my husband and my life here in Belgium. It is another small piece of the identity that I am forever building and modifying. It’s like so many other small (and large) things I’ve experienced and assimilated into my physical and emotional being over the past few years.

Only shinier.


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  1. lovely

    I never take mine off except for diving and painting the walls. Never seen my parents take theirs off. I didn’t get an engagement ring either, never gave it much thought

  2. It’s a beautiful ring. I too never remove my rings. I scrub toilets, work in the garden, and do everything with them. They are simple rings and probably need cleaning and adjusting right now. But I know I’d forget where I put them if I took them off. I remember one “I Love Lucy” episode where she took hers off and lost it. I think it ended up in the cement they were using to build an outdoor barbeque? (Oh, the things that stay with us.)

  3. I hardly ever take my ring off, except when my skin gets really bad under it and infection threatens…(ewww, I think that sounds worse than it is) but I still have nightmares about loosing it.

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