Peter Pan Grew Up


I had a dream last night about, you guessed it, Peter Pan growing up.

Because normal people have dreams about being in school wearing just a towel or falling from a cliff or being chased by Freddie Kruger.

And I? I dream about the fictional futures of fictional characters.

And then I totally forget about the dream until I’m in the shower and thinking about my wedding which then leads me to think of the wedding of an ex-boyfriend that occurred last Septemberish which then leads me to chuckle because he was a wild child who finally settled down into humdrum suburban life which made me think of an immature guy finally settling down and voila, I realize that Peter Pan growing up is not, in fact, an actual occurrence from any book or movie but rather I came up with it in my head last night while sleeping.

Wanna know how Peter realized he was growing up?

He sprouted a chin hair.

Which leads me to the singular conclusion that I should never again wax my lip before bed time.


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