Stuff I Will Never Understand


…about my husband.

1. Leaving almost every drawer and cabinet wide open. Is there something difficult about closing something that you open? You always seem to remember to put the toilet seat down, which has resulted in my nearly peeing on myself multiple times, but cabinets that have sharp edges right on my head level? Not so much.

2. Hitting the snooze for upwards of two hours. Snooze is not synonymous with continuous deep sleep and some of us can not continue to sleep with the alarm going off every ten minutes. Either shut the alarm off and get out of bed or shut the alarm off and go back to sleep. You can’t have it both ways. At least not without getting pummeled by your exhausted wife.

3. Not folding the laundry. It’s like unzipping your fly, peeing and then not shaking it off. In other words, you’re not finishing the job. Folding and putting clean laundry away is part of doing the laundry. Yes, I love you and appreciate you that much more when you wash and dry the laundry without me asking, but it’s difficult to appreciate the clean laundry when it never actually ends up back in the drawers.

4. Asking me where one of your posessions (i.e. keys, wallet, cell phone, remote control) is from the adjoining room when I am not in it. Look around for longer than 5 seconds and chances are you’ll spot it. I realize I’m probably enabling you by actually knowing where most of your stuff is, but if I didn’t life would simply be chaos.

5. Waking up every morning and never forgetting to tell me how much you love me or how happy you are we’re together. I don’t understand how you remember to do this as soon as you wake up, but I’m happy you do it and I love you more and more every time that you do.


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  1. please, please don’t use the snooze tomorrow morning! đŸ™‚
    my husband has the same disease…
    see you in a couple of hours, hope you feel better x

  2. hi hi hi

    I complain about 1 to Jan and he does about me. Huh? I guess we leave different drawers open :p

    And I’m the snoozer, but only long if I’m alone….if I’m not alone Jan becomes so restless that I must get up anyway.

    as far 3: I put the basket on his lap or pillow or desk….that helps

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