Fun With In-Laws*


*In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, this post has been translated into Piratese. Yarrrr!!!!

Yesterday Piet and I attended t’ weddin’ o’ one o’ his cousins. I’ve been t’ a few Belgian receptions before, but I’d yet t’ go t’ a weddin’ service, so it was a new experience for me (somethin’ that be gettin’ fewer and farther between).

And I can honestly say that a Catholic sermon in a foreign language be only slightly more uninterestin’ than one in your native language. But still, it was somethin’ new and after t’ late afternoon service we went aft t’ me in-laws’ house for a couple hourse before goin’ t’ t’ reception, which was in a really nice banquet hall-hotel. It was actually very similar t’ t’ venue where Piet and I had our Belgian reception, only it was larger and a bit more polished. T’ food was fantastic, t’ grog was flowin’ freely (like it does here durin’ special events), and Piet and I ended up havin’ a really fun time with Piet’s sister and her husband.

It was actually really cool because we don’t often get t’ spend time with me sister and borther in-law as a couple since he’s usually busy workin’ at his family’s restaurant. Occasionally he’ll pop in t’ say Ahoy! or have a quick Christmas what crawled out o’ t’ bung hole before hurryin’ aft over t’ t’ kitchen, but that’s usually about it. So this was a nice, if rare experience. I took some photos so you could share in some o’ t’ shenanigans.

Unfortunately I forgot t’ get photographic evidence o’ t’ huge pile o’ flower petals, candy wrappers and sugar cubes that resulted from t’ tower we started buildin’ in t’ middle o’ our table, but that’s probably for t’ best since I imagine t’ servers on cleanup duty weren’t too thrilled when they found most o’ it hidden under t’ tablecloth.


Bein’ a grown up every day be hard! Sometimes you need t’ take a little break!


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