This Weekend’s Golden Moment


I was reading the blogs in my Google Reader today, like I do every day, cause who needs newspapers and magazines when you have the internets, and one of the titles is particular caught my eye. It was this one from Bubblewench where she talks about the golden hour, “that time when the sun turns everything to gold, right before it sets.”

I have several photos taken during the golden hour, as it seems I find that time of day as magical as she does…

Anyway, Bubblewench hopes that we all had a golden moment this past weekend and at first it got me to thinking.

Because yesterday was one big tarnished moment for me. Piet and I had a sad disappointment and it really tainted my whole day. So I kept trying to think about my golden moment this weekend and after a second or two it popped into my head: wine!

Okay, not the wine itself I guess, but the wonderful, golden feeling that came from several glasses of wine over a delicious meal in a softly lit, nicely decorated banquet hall. The rosy cheeks and shining eyes and easy smiles and laughter, flavored with the sweetness of wine and bright futures.

That was my golden moment this weekend.

What was yours?


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  1. Hearing my daughter sing a lovely babbling song to herself while playing with her favorite stuffed animal. She’s 16 months and it was so sweet and cute! That was my golden moment!

  2. Beautiful photo. I’m sorry you had a disappointment, though.

    My golden moment this weekend…. hanging my clothes out on the line. Winter is coming fast and soon I’ll have to use my dryer all the time. But for an afternoon this weekend, I could stretch the clothes out on the line, pinning them safely against the wind, so they could catch the breeze and dry and soak in the scent of sunshine.

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