One Last Post From The Island


We arrived at our final lodging in Tenerife yesterday. A resort not to far from our first apartment. It’s all inclusive which in a way is nice, although I’m still not able to cope sensibly with buffet style eating.

All you can eat buffets are not the norm in Belgium, at least not in Gent so I’ve definitely gotten away from that style of eating. I go out of my way to avoid it when we visit the States, but it’s really our only option on the resort. I keep going in with this great game plan of only having one plate and maybe some salad, but then I see the different foods and just want to try a leeeetle bite. Of everything. Which adds up to 1-2 hefty plates of food. Which I then eat because I can’t stand wasting food.

And then I leave feeling like my gut is going to burst and I’m going to blow up and bounce away like Violet Beauregard.

So I’ve got to reign that in before the vacation ends. Which is Saturday, by the way. We’ll be touching down in Brussels sometime Saturday evening and I’m back to work on Monday.

Otherwise, the weather has continued to be warm and lovely and I’ve got myself a really nice tan. Even Piet got some nice color, which is pretty rare. Anyway, the internet connection here is a bit slow so I can’t post many pictures until we get home, but here’s the view we’re waking up to for the rest of the week:

Guess I’ll be seeing you all back in Belgium!


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