NaNo I Don’t Know


I was toying with doing the NaNoBloMo and blogging every day this month.

Thing is, this month may turn out to be a “kick my ass until I beg for mercy” kind of month. Things are getting crazy busy at work, which is normal, but rarely fun, we’re short about four experienced staff and if one thing isn’t breaking down, another is. It looks like I’ll be one of only two people who can get to the station early enough to open, which means at least 2 days a week, if not more I’ll be literally up way before dawn and halfway done with my shift before most normal people even arrive at their jobs. Exhausted is probably going to be my semi-permanent state from now until after New Years.

Then I considered NaNoWriMo, where you write a 500,000 word book in the month of November. Which would be awesome, except for the fact that here it is, the end of the first day and after work and a birthday party in Aalst I’m barely finding the motivation to blog, let alone write a few thousand words for a novel.

Still, I may give it a try. I have tomorrow off, so maybe I’ll try to start something up. Never to late to start my career as a novelist, right?


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  1. I don’t get that entire NaNoBloMo thing….Few people are cut out to be a novelist and if one has the desire to try and thinks he has the talent to have a go at it….why wait for a global hype to all make an attempt in November?

    I guess I’m a bit allergic to the group activities such as “let’s all post a wordless picture on wednesday, let’s all post a flashback on Friday, let’s all eat veggies on Thursday” and let’s all write a novel in November fits that categorie. Just do whatever you want to do when you want to do it regardless of what other people do

    I know you enjoy writing and you are talented but if November will be hectic…give it a go in Dec-Jan?

  2. I’m with Goofball. It’s hard to keep up with all the writing hype. Best to just write when you feel rather than under someone else’s gun. It’s nice to have the motivation of a deadline, but sometimes those deadlines can choke you. (Trust me on this one… I have daily deadlines at the paper)

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