Celebrating no More Drama In Our Lives


You may think this title has something to do with the dog pee situation (thank you all for your suggestions, by the way), but it doesn’t, other than saying that on the way home the other day I noticed at least 3 other peed upon doors on our street. So while it generally still sucks, at least I know now that it wasn’t just us. There is a door-peeing dog peeing indiscriminately on several doors on our street.
Sadly, while I do plan on following some of the suggestions, I have to keep in mind that it is autumn in Belgium and due to non-stop rain, vinegar, ammonia, hot pepper sprays, etc. will eventually be washed away, but I’ll take a look into it anyway.

Regarding the drama, well, I personally have none to speak of currently, but I was noticing an insane increase in a few of the blogs I read from down under (no, not you, your drama usually entertains me or makes me want to send you an epically huge first aid kit). I started following said blogs because they seemed to pop up in a few other bloggy circles I touch down in. One I like in general, the other I find I merely tolerate. I’m really not sure why I kept reading other than a lot of other bloggers I read seem to. Kind of like when you have a network of friends and they all hang out with that popular person who denies their popularity while at the same time asserting it so you hang out with them too even though they often make you lift an eyebrow so far off your head that it hurts.

Anyway, sadly, it seems that lately any post from these two bloggers that pops up in my reader is referencing the other blogger/blog and all the bs going on in it. And these two bloggers do often end up working as a tag team of sorts when it comes to issues on the internet they feel the need to address. And then their scores of followers kind of automatically assume they’re in the right, even though I don’t think they always clearly are.

Finally, today, I read a comment where the commentor asked the blogger to continue sharing her life with us and I had a clear moment of thinking “y’know, I’d really she rather didn’t” before doing something I rarely do. I went into my scarily long list of blogs on Google Reader and I deleted the two aforementioned blogs from my feeds (along with a few others who haven’t updated in so long I forgot they were on the list).

I’m sure these two people won’t even notice I’m gone since I rarely, if ever commented, but I’m personally looking forward to checking my Reader tomorrow and not rolling my eyes at some blown up broo-haha that was at least 50% self-created.


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  1. This post is made of so much win that I want to award you an entire internet. Seriously, though, I have been doing this myself lately with some of the blogs I used to read, and wondering why I ever wanted to read them to begin with. My feed reader is much lighter for the loss of it, and my heart and head are happier too.

    I’m sorry that there’s a piddle-bandit in your neighbourhood…I know that some people recommend putting sandpaper in front of areas being violated by animals, as the theory is the animal (cat or dog) can’t stand the feeling of the grit on its pads. But I don’t know if that actually works.

  2. I limit my feed-reader to a maximum number of blogs I follow to ensure that those I do follow, I can truly follow and connect.

    So if I add some new feeds….it’s often a moment to kick out some others where I merely just lurk without much bonding, where I notice I am not truly so interested in their posts after all. And yes, that does feel good to do.

  3. So, over the summer I whined about not having comments, where are my comments, because I just want to do basically nothing and have people comment…and I think I am still in the same place, doing nothing and wanting comments…

    I have no idea what this has to do with the above post…

    I was wondering if you got the Parasol Protectorate books?? Souless, Chanegless, and Blameless. I guess they aren’t real steam punk, but they are cute steam punk, (to me at least, cause I just love the idea of Pride and Prejudice married to werewolves and wearing goggles…) and none of my regular pals seem the least interested in them, being as many of my pals are just people who visit my blog because I visit their blogs and I haven’t been visiting lately, (refer to my above statement about -doing nothing-)

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