Poking the Daydreamer


In all my internetty wisdom, in keeping with my new anonymity, I created a separate e-mail account to receive/respond to all of your comments. Because my main e-mail is my name and well, that kind of kills anonymity, doesn’t it.

But alas, today I tried to log in to answer/clean up the emailed comments from wordpress and found that I have completely forgotten the password for the other account. I tried to get gmail to send a link to reset the password to my regular gmail account but instead it sent it to my secondary hotmail account and I just accidentally reset my main account password.

Point being I currently can’t get into my Patchwork Daydreams email account to respond to your comments, which is what I wanted to do. So, until I decide what I want to do, because this secondary email thing is a real pain in the rear, I’m going to answer your comments in the comment section. If you want to get a hold of me for a personal e-mail, just say so and I’ll email you from my main account. The one I remember the password for.



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