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Baby Backlog, Issue #4


*written November 15ish? I’ve been having some major back pain to the point where I’m currently unable to work, so I’m home for the forseeable future. Currently standing/walking for prolonged periods of time is not comfortable at all and even sitting for more than a couple of hours becomes painful. You’d think I’d blog more, but so far I haven’t been. Sorry, but I’ll try to have some new things to say soon. Until then I still have a few more backlogs.


The one I like to call “dear *insert deity of choice* please, please make the nausea go away!”

I feel horrendous.

I had this past weekend off work (November 13-14) and I managed to get out to buy new work pants and a couple of books and that was about it. I’m supposed to be cleaning a room weekly since Piet and his dad have really stepped up the work on the house and I did that the last two weeks, but this week?

No, no, no just let me stay in bed pleeeeeease. I slept until nearly 10 on Saturday, did the errands I just mentioned and then came home and concentrated on not vomiting for the rest of the day. Piet wanted to go to Ikea to order laminate for the floor downstairs and pick a new mattress but I’d already had to choke down vomit once on the bus and had no desire to be in another moving vehicle for the rest of the day.

Yesterday (Sunday) was just as bad. I didn’t even get out of bed until 4 in the afternoon, I just laid prone and read until the gnawing in my stomach commanded me to feed it, which I hoped would help the nausea, but it totally didn’t. We went out to eat and I picked Mexican (no, I’m not stupid, I know spicy foods are a bad idea, but I was trying to motivate myself to eat anything at all) because I love Mexican and nothing else sounded good at all. And it was pretty good as far as taste went. As far as my stomach went, I felt equally sick before, during and after dinner.

Now, this morning, I woke up again with that sick feeling you get when you’re really hungry and need to eat, only my sick feeling doesn’t go away when I eat. I tried something milder this morning: applesauce, yogurt and crackers with some tea and as I type this (nearly 30 minutes later…but still slowly munching crackers and tea) the sick is finally starting to subside from physically gagging to just vaguely queasy.

Piet keeps telling me to enjoy these first few months while I can, but I’m really having a hard time enjoying this part of it.


Jump ‘n’ Jive


A week ago, while laying in bed, I thought I felt the tiniest little flutter in my abdomen, but I wasn’t entirely sure. We’d just been to the midwife a couple of days before and she said I probably wouldn’t feel the baby for another month or so. I heard the same from several of my pregnant/already mom friends, so I figured I’d just had a little muscle twitch or something.

A few days later though, while sitting in front of the computer, I was playing around on Youtube and decided to play “Africa” by Toto.

And that’s when I felt a definite thump from the inside, right in the middle of my lower abdomen. And then again and a third time before it subsided into some very mild shuddery feelings. I started laughing and jumped right up to tell Piet, who looked thrilled (sort of … I know he very badly wants to be able to feel the baby move too and I’m not sure if he will for another month or so).

Afterwards I tried not to get my hopes up too high. I’d also heard from several people that in the beginning a week or more can pass between feeling anything from the baby. So it was even more exciting to feel more kicking last night, again while I was listening to music on the computer (this time it was “Lieve Kleine Piranha” by Gorki) and I decided to test things today. Evening seems to be the active time and I really feel things strongly when I’m sitting in front of the computer, so this evening I put Gorki on again and just played some games and sure enough, several little thumps came from my abdomen. I’m still feeling a couple very sharp movements as I type this as well as some rumbling sort of feelings that are hard to explain.

But I’m certain now, that I’m lucky enough to already feel our baby moving around. A lot!!

And I seriously can’t wipe the smile off my face.

Although we will have to work on his/her taste in music…

We Still Have 4 More Fingers to Fill


In case you’ve gotten sick of my ping ponging between complaining about work and describing (probably in way too much detail) my pregnancy, well, I can hardly blame you. I’m sick of it myself.

So instead I’m going to remind anyone who knows nothing about American football (Europeans) as well as anyone who does that the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be playing in Arlington, Texas against the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV. This will be their third Super Bowl in five years, the other two of which they have won, first against Seattle and then against Arizona.

The Steelers currently hold the most Super Bowl rings (6) in the NFL and their fan base is intense and, if you’re the opposition, probably pretty intimidating. I may be the only representative of Steeler Nation in Flanders, but you better believe I’ll be cheering as loud as the rest of the fans when BBC airs the Super Bowl on February 6.

Hooray For Stabbing Hoo Hoo Pain!


I know, that’s weird isn’t it?

For anyone out there who’s never been pregnant (or is lucky enough to have never had round ligament pain), I’ll try to explain that title.

See, the second and third month of the pregnancy were full of exhaustion and sever nausea that lasted all day. Also certain smells had me feelingĀ  like I had just entered the bog of eternal stench. You know, like the odor of lavender, paprika potato chips and steamed milk. I also pretty much decided I could live off of cottage cheese, pickles and ginger ale.

And while all of that was indeed rather miserable, it was simultaneously great. Pregnancy symptoms for the win!! Everything was going great as long as I puked once a week and ran gagging from anything lavender-scented (or kicked Piet out of bed if he dared eat paprika chips without brushing his teeth afterwards). It meant that everything was progressing normally and all was well in “Project Create Human Life.”

So now, almost 4 and a half months into things, it’s not that I’m missing all of the first trimester stuff, but since I can’t feel the little turnip kicking me yet, it’s sometimes hard to tell if all is well. That’s the thing. I can’t see it happening, y’know? Until they invent a fool-proof home ultrasound kit for the uber-neurotic (yours truly), there’s no way to really be sure or to simply double-check for peace of mind that yes, the baby is moving around and happily thumping my bladder. In fact, the only way I can tell now is the intense stabbing pains I frequently experience in my hoo hoo. Well, and the less stabbing but still highly painful pain in my hips and lower back. And the leaky bladder that requires the almost daily use of a panty liner.

I know, this is all so sexy, right?

But yeah, pretty much any time I get sort of nervous, wondering when I’ll really definitely feel a kick or if everything is still alright (because the next ultrasound is an excruciating 4 weeks away), I’m soothed by the feeling of someone jabbing my birth canal with a barbecue fork. Because that seems to be the way being a human incubator works.

Extreme discomfort = GOOD

So hooray for that feeling that someone is giving me a fiery purple nerple from Hell and the waking up in the middle of the night feeling like someone is using the jaws of life on my pelvic bone. As long as I’m feeling all those things it means I’ve got a healthy, growing someone who I’ll hopefully feel kicking in a couple of weeks.

Gem of the Day


Woman approaches the counter and asks, “What is a 4-shot exactly?”

I answer, “Two times double espresso in one cup.”

Woman asks, “Can I get that with cow milk?”

What I wanted to say, “No, we’re all out of cow milk. (pointing at my boobs) You can have some of mine though.”

What I actually said, “Yes.”

What my colleague said after the customer walked away, “You really look like you want to slap the clients sometimes.”

What I said, “In America we call that ‘wanting to choke a bitch’.”

What is Your Name? What is Your Quest?


This is what I spent my day doing. I made a key for you to better understand how I pretty much literally ran in circles for the better part of my day:
A is where we live
B is where I work
C is where I went by taxi (due to a huge breakdown on the tram tracks that backed all of the buses and trams up around the train station)
D is where I then went by tram and bus
E is where I went next, by bus
F is not listed, but it was the neighborhood grocery store where I finally broke down and bought a bag of Ring Lings (Belgian funions) out of self pity. Took the bus there.
Then I walked back to point A.
Most Convoluted day Evah! weergeven op een grotere kaart

Now the only place I plan on going is to bed.

Baby Backlog, Issue #3


On Tuesday (November 16) I’ll be having my first appointment with a gynecologist and I’ll be 8 weeks pregnant.

Eight weeks. It’s really not a very long time at all but the days feel like weeks right now. I feel like I’ve been pregnant for a year already. Not because of the physical symptoms (which abound and I’ll get to in a sec) but because we’ve only told a very very select few people about what’s going on and most likely we’ll be keeping the information to ourselves until the middle of December when I’m 3 months along. It’s the not being able to freely talk about it yet that’s making this first several weeks drag, I think.
I want to dish with my friends back home and compare notes with my friends who’ve had kids already. I want to look like complete crap (which I do) and have people be understanding, rather than keep assuming I’m sick or depressed or that something is wrong.

But yeah, like I was saying, me and the blueberry (cause that’s the size it’s supposed to be right now) are almost 8 weeks along and so far pregnancy is nearly everything it’s promised to be. I’m exhausted and often fall asleep as soon as I’m in a laying position and even when I manage a full night sleep I have huge dark bags under my eyes which accentuate my pale, puffy, pimple infested face quite nicely. The pimples in particular bug me since I’ve always had a clear complexion, even during puberty. I’ve never had more than one or two at a time and never very often, but here I am with a big cluster on my chin and a few rebels sprouting on my cheek and forehead.

The cravings haven’t gotten too weird yet although I suddenly, after a lifetime of disliking raw onions am finding them a lovely addition to my sandwich. Dairy products are hit and miss with cheese and pudding usually being made of win while yogurt, ice cream and plain milk typically bordering on nasty. And don’t even talk to me about the odor of the steamed milk at work. That along with paprika potato chips and lavender are all the devil.

I read not to eat spicy foods as they may cause indigestion, but I’ve had chronic indigestion for several weeks regardless of what I eat and since I’m usually extremely nauseous at least half of the day, when the mood strikes me to eat something, I eat it. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t eat much at all. Which I realize isn’t particularly the best way to approach things, especially cause I’m mainlining ginger-ale to keep my stomach as settled as I can. And since I’ve yet to find a diet ginger-ale here, well, I’ve put on a pant size.

The bra-size went up within a week or two of being pregnant, before I started eating weird and not always balanced amounts of food. And my boobs hurt and they’re in the way a lot. Even more than usual. Meh.

I can’t say that this is a particularly comfortable experience overall so far, and the irony is that all of these things mean that everything is going well and right so far. It’s a strange feeling to be thankful for nausea and acne, but I know this is just the beginning and chances are there will be several things I’ll be surprised to be thankful for somewhere in my immediate future.