What a year 2010 was for us.
Looking back I’m actually quite overwhelmed by it all.

I started the year off finding a new job – not an ideal one, but it was closer to home and got me out from under some pretty crazy bosses. I made some friends (all by myself!) and had 2 wild bachelorette parties (and a much needed sedate one). Piet and I finally got married…twice…with a perfect ceremony in Pittsburgh and a pyrotechnic reception here in Gent. Piet really buckled down and finished his Ph.D. after years of research and hard work. We had a beautiful honeymoon in the Canary Islands and then in October found out that we were expecting our first baby.
I think I can honestly say that 2010 is a year I will never, ever forget.

As for 2011?
Well, it promises plenty of important events as well.

This month I am able to request Belgian citizenship and if we’re lucky I’ll be Belg-American by spring. May marks our one year anniversary as well as my third decade on the planet (outside the womb) and June is when we’re expecting our son/daughter into our lives (outside the womb).
And those are just the things we’re expecting. Who knows what else will happen along the way?

Irregardless, I’d like to thank all of you for joining me on this wending path I call life.

I wish you all a happy, healthy 2011!!


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  1. It really seems that an exciting year is just starting for you and congratulations on the baby!

    In case you haven’t decided on a hospital for the delivery, I can really reccomend the St Lukas hospital, the staff is very nice and friendly (they made a little cake to celebrate the birth of my son!) and the rooms are confortable (as much as a hospital can be, of course) and big enough to receive visitors.

  2. You also became fluent in Dutch! That’s an incredible accomplishment.

    I am jealous of your Belgian citizenship. By the time my turn rolls around, they will probably have instigated the five-years-plus-language-test rule.

    You have achieved a lot in your time here.

    • Well, look at it this way, the longer there’s no government, the better chance you have at avoiding the instatement of the five year/language test thing. I’m pretty sure all the upheaval is part of why I haven’t had to deal with it. Well, that in combination with being married to a Belgian.

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