Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

Maternity Pants


I got my first pairs today.

A week before New Years eve I went shopping for some new pants since mine were getting a bit tight in the waist and it was an utter failure. Nothing was fitting me right. What fit my waist was too big for my hips and legs and vice versa. I briefly considered maternity pants but thought that it was too soon. After all, I don’t have a protruding belly (much) and, in all honesty, as a woman who has spent the majority of my twenties in plus sizes, I was terrified to have to shop in a maternity section.

Shopping in maternity felt like giving in to all those bitter thoughts I’d had in my head when I couldn’t find pants that fit me well or nothing trendy or cute in my size and I’d think to myself “you’d be better off shopping in the maternity section for all the luck your having in regular clothing.”

And yes, I know, I’m almost 4 months pregnant.
I have every reason to shop in the maternity section now.

But fat me has been around a looooot longer than pregnant me and it easily won the battle between whether or not I should give in and enter the dreaded maternity section.
So I went through New Years eve and day in the largest pair of dress pants I own. I pulled them out of the back of the closet from back when I moved here 3 years ago and they fit pretty nicely, with one exception.

See, normally my belly is not so big. It’s starting to stick out a little and sucking it in is not really possible anymore, but it isn’t usually very big. Except after I eat. Then all of a sudden I look much more pregnant and even my larger pants become incredibly uncooperative.

So in this post-meal stage I like to think of as “I look like a damn hot air balloon, someone tie a sandbag to my leg, stat!”, I finally decided that the time has come for me to get some maternity pants. Fortunately I mentioned my pants dilemma in passing while we were at friends’ house for dinner and one of them (the female one, obviously) offered to come with me to help me look.

And, shockingly enough (for me), we found me two pairs of pants and a pair of leggings in less than an hour. And even more shockingly, rather than the size or two up in normal pants I’d been trying (and nearly in tears over), I fit into my regular size in maternity pants.

So, I guess I’m slowly moving into the pregnant mindset and trying to keep the “I’m getting fat” mindset at bay. And now I’m going to be able to do it in pants that actually fit.