Baby Backlog, Issue #2


Everything seems to be going well thus far, with the initial blood work behind us confirming that yes, indeed, I’m slow cooking our first little Caliopiet and yes everything is normal, although I’m not immune to toxoplasmosis so Piet has litter box duty for the next 7 months or so. My hormone levels are in the normal range, I’m occasionally queasy and occasionally crampy and chronically exhausted, which are all good things.

Piet studiously bought and has read the first 8 weeks worth of the 1000 Questions About Pregnancy book and we’ve also upped my daily folic acid intake as there’s been a few babies with cleft palates on Piet’s side of the family. I fall asleep pretty much as soon as my head hits the pillow lately, although I’ve also become an extremely light sleeper.

I told this to Piet but he learned the hard way last night.

I had fallen asleep somewhat early, as usual, but then I jerked awake when I felt the blanket pulled back from my left boob. And then my boob was freezing and I, extremely pissed, asked Piet what the hell he was doing pulling the blanket off my boob.
To which he looked at me innocently and denied doing any such thing, he must’ve just rolled over and the blanket shifted or something.

So I went back to sleep and then woke up early this morning and read for a while in bed. Piet rolled over and asked how his light sleeper was doing. I said I was fine and after a while we decided to go to Ikea to check out cribs and changing tables. While I was getting dressed though, Piet came over looking somewhat abashed and confessed:

“I pulled the blanket off last night because I wanted to see if your nipples had started to change color yet. I was bored…and you were sleeping…and I just wanted to see if they looked different.”

And after I picked my jaw up off the floor and died laughing, I said, “Well? Were they?”

“No, not yet.”


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  1. That’s interesting. I don’t remember my nipples changing color. But I do remember being able to fall asleep anywhere at any time. I called it first-trimester narcolepsy. Glad everything is going well!

    • He read in the book he bought that the woman’s nipples can get larger/darker during pregnancy. And yup, so far so good, though I think I’m having round ligament pain the last couple weeks and that’s not fun.

  2. That is hysterical! Mine didn’t change, so you may want to warn him that it might not happen.

    But DO tell him that you will be able to shoot breast milk great distances once the baby is born and your milk is in. I think my record was 12 feet. Unintentionally.

    That was probably too much sharing for one post. Sorry.

  3. hahhahaaaa, honest Piet

    I’ve been so upset if I was woken up by Jan in the middle of the night…I regularly bitch at him for turning and twisting too much in his sleep

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