What is Your Name? What is Your Quest?


This is what I spent my day doing. I made a key for you to better understand how I pretty much literally ran in circles for the better part of my day:
A is where we live
B is where I work
C is where I went by taxi (due to a huge breakdown on the tram tracks that backed all of the buses and trams up around the train station)
D is where I then went by tram and bus
E is where I went next, by bus
F is not listed, but it was the neighborhood grocery store where I finally broke down and bought a bag of Ring Lings (Belgian funions) out of self pity. Took the bus there.
Then I walked back to point A.
Most Convoluted day Evah! weergeven op een grotere kaart

Now the only place I plan on going is to bed.


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  1. Holy crap–I couldn’t even find the last two arrows and I thought I knew where to look…this was a pretty awesome way to locate stuff…never saw this before! Yeah, I’m old.

    • They are for renewing my American passport so they have to be a certain size on a certain kind of paper. There used to be a place in Sint Jakobsplein that did them but they stopped, so Mariakerke was the closest.

  2. Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy reading your stuff. And congratulations, mazel tov, l’chiam on the little one. You are one remarkable lady to have completed this leg of your journey, and I wish you all the best this year.

  3. oh, google earth in Danish! I wanted to get the “street veiw.” but Danish…which is what I assume that language was, has no coloration what so ever to American. I mean English. And I now feel like one of those Americans who encounters someone who doesn’t speak English, and so they speak loud and slowly to be better understood.

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