Gem of the Day


Woman approaches the counter and asks, “What is a 4-shot exactly?”

I answer, “Two times double espresso in one cup.”

Woman asks, “Can I get that with cow milk?”

What I wanted to say, “No, we’re all out of cow milk. (pointing at my boobs) You can have some of mine though.”

What I actually said, “Yes.”

What my colleague said after the customer walked away, “You really look like you want to slap the clients sometimes.”

What I said, “In America we call that ‘wanting to choke a bitch’.”


4 responses »

    • No, the expression just means that someone is annoying you. She wasn’t a bitch. It was kind of strange though to specifically ask for COW milk in the drink. I mean, what kind of milk did she think we had?? Seal milk? Tiger milk?? Of course it’s going to be cow milk.

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