Jump ‘n’ Jive


A week ago, while laying in bed, I thought I felt the tiniest little flutter in my abdomen, but I wasn’t entirely sure. We’d just been to the midwife a couple of days before and she said I probably wouldn’t feel the baby for another month or so. I heard the same from several of my pregnant/already mom friends, so I figured I’d just had a little muscle twitch or something.

A few days later though, while sitting in front of the computer, I was playing around on Youtube and decided to play “Africa” by Toto.

And that’s when I felt a definite thump from the inside, right in the middle of my lower abdomen. And then again and a third time before it subsided into some very mild shuddery feelings. I started laughing and jumped right up to tell Piet, who looked thrilled (sort of … I know he very badly wants to be able to feel the baby move too and I’m not sure if he will for another month or so).

Afterwards I tried not to get my hopes up too high. I’d also heard from several people that in the beginning a week or more can pass between feeling anything from the baby. So it was even more exciting to feel more kicking last night, again while I was listening to music on the computer (this time it was “Lieve Kleine Piranha” by Gorki) and I decided to test things today. Evening seems to be the active time and I really feel things strongly when I’m sitting in front of the computer, so this evening I put Gorki on again and just played some games and sure enough, several little thumps came from my abdomen. I’m still feeling a couple very sharp movements as I type this as well as some rumbling sort of feelings that are hard to explain.

But I’m certain now, that I’m lucky enough to already feel our baby moving around. A lot!!

And I seriously can’t wipe the smile off my face.

Although we will have to work on his/her taste in music…


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