Baby Backlog, Issue #4


*written November 15ish? I’ve been having some major back pain to the point where I’m currently unable to work, so I’m home for the forseeable future. Currently standing/walking for prolonged periods of time is not comfortable at all and even sitting for more than a couple of hours becomes painful. You’d think I’d blog more, but so far I haven’t been. Sorry, but I’ll try to have some new things to say soon. Until then I still have a few more backlogs.


The one I like to call “dear *insert deity of choice* please, please make the nausea go away!”

I feel horrendous.

I had this past weekend off work (November 13-14) and I managed to get out to buy new work pants and a couple of books and that was about it. I’m supposed to be cleaning a room weekly since Piet and his dad have really stepped up the work on the house and I did that the last two weeks, but this week?

No, no, no just let me stay in bed pleeeeeease. I slept until nearly 10 on Saturday, did the errands I just mentioned and then came home and concentrated on not vomiting for the rest of the day. Piet wanted to go to Ikea to order laminate for the floor downstairs and pick a new mattress but I’d already had to choke down vomit once on the bus and had no desire to be in another moving vehicle for the rest of the day.

Yesterday (Sunday) was just as bad. I didn’t even get out of bed until 4 in the afternoon, I just laid prone and read until the gnawing in my stomach commanded me to feed it, which I hoped would help the nausea, but it totally didn’t. We went out to eat and I picked Mexican (no, I’m not stupid, I know spicy foods are a bad idea, but I was trying to motivate myself to eat anything at all) because I love Mexican and nothing else sounded good at all. And it was pretty good as far as taste went. As far as my stomach went, I felt equally sick before, during and after dinner.

Now, this morning, I woke up again with that sick feeling you get when you’re really hungry and need to eat, only my sick feeling doesn’t go away when I eat. I tried something milder this morning: applesauce, yogurt and crackers with some tea and as I type this (nearly 30 minutes later…but still slowly munching crackers and tea) the sick is finally starting to subside from physically gagging to just vaguely queasy.

Piet keeps telling me to enjoy these first few months while I can, but I’m really having a hard time enjoying this part of it.



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  1. Prenatal yoga really helped my back pain. I had it bad with all three kids- so bad, in fact, with my second, that I thought I was going into labor at 20 weeks. Yoga!

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