Five Things I Like About my Second Trimester


A friend of mine mentioned to me sometime last week that currently my blog might scare people out there who haven’t been pregnant yet.

And in retrospect, my blog would scare me if I wasn’t the pregnant one writing it. Because really, did I enjoy much about my first trimester?

No, huh-uh, not at all.
The two things I enjoyed about those first months were that I was pregnant! Finally! Something we’d been hoping for for a long time was finally happening!! We’re going to be parents, woohoo!!!!
And the ultrasounds!! Look, that smudge has a heartbeat! That’s our smudge! We made that!!

But, as I’m getting closer to the middle of my second trimester (week 19 this week), I’m finding there are definitely some things about this pregnancy I’m starting to like. I mean, aside from the obvious creation of life thing I mentioned above.

So, for all of the never been pregnant but possibly wanting to someday people who I’ve  been scaring, here are five things I’m enjoying during my second trimester:

1. No more nausea or aversion to smells. I can wear my perfume and hand lotion again if I want to and no odors send me gagging from the room anymore.
2. Looking pregnant. I have a belly and it’s finally noticeable so my aversion to wearing maternity pants is gone and I also don’t feel so self-conscious for walking slowly or huffing my way up a lot of stairs.
3. Gimme that ice cream. Okay, no, I don’t constantly crave ice cream or sweets. But if I do, I occasionally give in and eat it. I used to feel guilty about doing that, but I’m pregnant, dammit, I’m going to eat ice cream every now and then. And not the low-cal stuff. Ben and Jerry’s, thank you. (as of my last weigh in I’ve gained less than 5 pounds, so I’m really not going overboard eating)
4. Energy. Not a lot mind you, but more than I had the first trimester. Then I felt like if I didn’t get 10 hours of sleep a night I was going to die. Now I’m actually back to the standard 7 hours a night, although a nap in the late afternoon does help get me through the day.
5. The kicking!!! It’s really such a weird but amazing thing to feel something moving inside of you (that isn’t a tapeworm or a fart). I can usually feel at least one kick a day, if not more, especially when I’m sitting in front of the computer in the evenings. It’s a feeling that makes all the rest of it worthwhile.

Hopefully, if I scared any people earlier, this helps to remind you (and me too) that when it comes to pregnancy, the end really justifies the means. It isn’t all happy pink clouds and tiny socks and teddy bears, but it isn’t all vomiting and misery and pain either.

Like everything else in life, it’s a balance between the two.


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  1. I loved the second trimester. I felt like Superwoman!

    Don’t worry about scaring anyone. Frankly, I’d rather hear about the icky stuff. When I got pregnant, I was very fortunate to be surrounded by very honest women who told me about the good and the bad. I can’t stand the women who believe that pregnancy is only good and you can’t talk about the bad or the weird or the uncomfortable. Because it’s not all pretty, but it is still wonderful and it’s so much easier to deal with the crap when you can talk about it honestly.

    (I’ll get off my soapbox now.)

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