Ladybugs and Rosemary


Neither one of which have anything to do with this post.

Although if I’d’ve had my camera in our yard today it would’ve been.

But still, think of pretty, soothing images, like I’m trying to do so that I don’t get myself all worked up over the obgyn appointment we have tomorrow that I’m just about crawling out of my skin waiting for because this child is moving around like crazy in my gut and it’s been two months, TWO MONTHS!!! since the last time we saw it and it has to be so much less creepy and so much more baby by now and we should be able to see, most importantly, that it is healthy and has all of the parts it should have and also, second importantly but still extremely importantly, what it’s got between its little legs so that we can really start thinking names and clothing and birth announcements and… stuff.

And secondary, but still important, I’ll be finding out if the obgyn will be kind and extend my current medical leave from work or if she’ll send me back to standing doubled over in pain in a kiosk I will most definitely by now not fit very well into for 8 hours a day. Everyone, including my physician, manager and regional manager agree that my job is not a good job for a pregnant woman, but we’ve yet to hear if the obgyn concurs.

So that’s what’s been on my mind all week and is reaching boiling point as I type this.

Sunshine and daisies people. Sunshine and daisies.

Cause I’m not allowed to take xanax.


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