It’s a Boy!!


In case you missed my Facebook post, we found out yesterday that our baby is of the male persuasion.

We’re going to have a son!

The doctor told us she thought it was a boy, and I grabbed Piet’s hand because a boy!!
I’ve been wanting a boy the whole time!
My lucky is crap and I assumed we’d have a girl, so a boy!
Oh please oh please oh pleeeeease find a penis, I was thinking to myself, gripping Piet’s hand even tighter.

And sure enough, from 3 different angles, our doctor found the baby’s boy parts. She even took a picture of them (in case other people were skeptical?) for us. which ended up coming out clearer than the picture of his face, which he kept half hidden in my placenta for the duration of his scan.

Everything else looks perfectly healthy and normal. We saw his mouth and chin (which at first I thought was his butt cause he’s huge now compared to the last ultrasound we had plus the machine she was using had an uber zoom function which was very disorienting) and his nose and one eye (the other one was hidden) and the rest of his body. He moved his hands while we watched and we could see his legs and feet and inner organs. Everything looked great according to the doctor. the only thing we’ll need to double-check in March is his heart because his arms were blocking half of it. It was definitely beating and we could see half of it, but not the other half, so she’ll double-check next month to be sure it’s okay.

He was upside down while we were there, so all the thumping I’d thought were his feet were actually his hands. I guess we may have a boxer instead of a soccer player. Unless he chooses ballet or theater or chess because I don’t care what he decides to do once he’s out, cause he’s my son and I’m like, a billion times more excited to see him now that I can start to see him as a baby, not just a smudge with a Darth Vader face that makes me nauseous and gives me acne.

He’s almost a pound at this point (I’ve gained so much more than a pound, but it seems to be mostly in my boobs and belly so I guess that’s normal) and he’s been super active for a few weeks now. I feel him moving around usually several times a day. It’s become more routine I suppose to feel him, but it’s never any less exciting. And for someone as neurotic as me, it’s also very reassuring to feel him every day. I know some women go days without feeling anything, which I was expecting and bracing myself for last month, but fortunately for my state of mind I’ve felt him pretty much every day, often several times.

Healthwise, aside from a back that doesn’t allow me to stand longer than 2 hours at a time, I’m doing very well. I’ve got a lot of heartburn and sleeping is starting to become difficult, but overall I feel pretty good. We were at an information expo at the hospital earlier this week and I saw some super pregnant women that were, I assume, in the last trimester and huge and waddling and I still can’t even comprehend what it will be like to be so big.

But I guess I’ll start finding out in about 6 weeks.


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  1. Isn’t the baby-shaped baby ultrasound amazing? It is reassuring and exciting and amazing – glad it was all those things and more for you.

    Congrats again on the boy news – now you can knock 50% of the names off the list!!

  2. Congratulations! It’s the best feeling ever, isn’t it? We wanted a boy v. badly and got one. With the second one, we of course wanted a girl and got a boy again. I cried a bit and now would not want a girl at all. Boys are cool:-)) Hope all goes extra well and easy for you.

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