Belly Shot


Okay, I’m giving in and showing a belly shot.

I am totally not self-conscious about the belly part of it, but the upper arm, chubby face and frizzy hair part of it has me cringing. I’ll ignore it if you do, deal?


disgruntled mama

just focus on the belly part people

p.s. – anyone want to send me a personal trainer as a baby shower gift?



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  1. You won’t regret taking the belly shot, trust me, and you look great by the way.
    I was also “coerced” into taking one by my dad who really, really but really wanted to see me with a belly.
    Now I am quite happy I have the picture, I can use it as “proof” later on :D.

  2. Your belly is beautiful, and If I didn’t have the self control cultivated from many long years of hard work, I would “SQeeee! BABY!” right though the screen and ask for a touch and a “do you feel him moving?”

    However, the “Don’t you dare!” Look on your face might just stop me.

    I say “might!”

  3. Oh I have these too and they were taken reluctantly on my part. I was very self-conscious about the whole thing.

    But I have to say now I am glad the spouse took them because so much of the pregnancy becomes a blur afterwards and you will be glad you have the pics to remember it all by.

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