So, What Did We Make?


Today wasn’t the first time, nor, I’m sure, will it be the last time that I wonder what type of person is currently basting in my gut.

First I wondered if we’d made a boy or a girl (although I guess Piet determined that, not me). Once we knew that I started wondering what he’d look like. Piet, his sister and his sister’s younger daughter all have Piet’s dad’s eyes. It’s definitely a trait that distinguishes his paternal side. Personally I think the rest of Piet’s build and features are that of his mom’s side, but the eyes are definitely his dad’s. I’m a general muddle of features from both sides; my eyes are my mom’s but the rest of my face is my paternal Gram’s. Piet has light brownish blondish sort of reddish hair and blue-gray eyes. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes, but I have a grandfather who has blue eyes and a great-grandfather who was a red-head. Genetically there are tons of possibilities. We don’t get those fun 3-D ultrasounds with our obgyn, so I really have no clue what this baby looks like right now, just that all of his important parts are present, accounted for, and in working order.

So, since my gender question has been answered (two months in a row the doctor found his plumbing, so it’s a pretty safe prediction) and my physical appearance question won’t be answered until he makes his out of utero-debut, I’ve started wondering about something even more obscure: his personality.

I’ve often heard that opposites attract, which is definitely the case with my parents. My mom is the outgoing extrovert who goes and joins classes and teaches workshops and my dad is the quiet introvert who prefers to teach himself what he wants to learn and to tinker on his own projects in the privacy of his home.

With Piet and I it’s a bit different. He’s usually very calm, rational, logical. He’s the math guy. I’m more emotional, superstitious, imaginative. I’m the liberal arts girl.
When Piet tries to explain certain computer programs to me, even if I’m interested in the end results I can get (i.e. Adobe Illustrator), my eyes glaze over almost immediately because he likes to give a logical overview of each function in the program. I like to click icons that look useful until I figure out what I need to use to make what I want.
When I ask something whimsical like, “if you could go anywhere in the world, right now, where would you go?” Piet can’t give me an answer because he’s already opened his laptop and is calculating the airfare for certain destinations this season or the inclement weather or the kind of health insurance coverage we’d need for this hypothetical trip.

But we’re both extremely introverted people.
We’re both content to stay in an sit quietly watching a movie or cooking dinner or playing a computer game together. We’ve gone hours in the same room, Piet working on some data analysis for work, me reading a book without speaking, very comfortable in the silence.
As a child I was very shy. A lot of pictures from family events show me sitting in a corner with one of my teddy bears, sucking my thumb. I was also an avid reader from before I can even remember. I started reading before preschool and by the time I entered grade school I devoured books faster than I could replenish my supply.
According to my mother in law, Piet was also very quiet as a child and spent hours in his room building things from Lego blocks. She says he never followed the directions or images from the box, he always made his own things.

So I wonder then, the little boy who’s due to make his appearance in ten weeks, will he be a doubly intense introvert? Because if that’s the case, he might turn out to be mute. Will he be artistic and creative, delving into books to feed his imagination? Will he be logical and industrial, constructing something all of his own from the pieces he finds around him?

Or will he be a complete genetic hiccup and be a gregarious, extroverted athlete?

I guess there’s no telling on that one for a while.

But I’m dying to know anyway!


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  1. Oh, I can see it now…a great Pele or Lance Armstrong …or perhaps Leonard Bernstein, or even Paul McCartney…then there is Ozzy Osborne….hmmmm…he will be PERFECT just the way he is!!!

  2. You’re both introverted. What’s the betting he/she will skip a generation and end up as highly extrovert? (That’s if your grandfolks were extroverts of course!)

  3. After three kids, I’ve learned that it doesn’t pay to wonder. I mean, I did wonder when I was pregnant, but they are nothing like I thought they’d be. My youngest is just like my father. I thought he’d be more artistic like me, but no. He’s all math and science and bad temper. (Well, he did get that from me…)

    My stepson is introverted and sullen. My stepdaughter is extraverted and bitchy. But I know this is because they’re awash in teenage hormones. Before that they were perfectly delightful kids. Still, they’re all three very different and all three lots of fun and nothing like I expected they’d be.

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