That One Looks Like a Bunny


It’s so easy to become complacent in day-to-day life.
Not long ago I made a comment to a coworker that he must’ve been one of those kids that liked to look at the clouds and decide what animal each one looked like. He grinned and replied that he still liked to do that.
Which got me thinking. How long has it been since I looked up? At clouds or stars or anything besides inclement weather for that matter?

The daily doldrums have the power of super absorbency and we often forget to pick our heads up and take a closer look around us in our current world.
So today being a day off, I decided to take some extra time to reflect on something other than my aching feet, the state of the kitchen or the balance on the bank account.

I woke up early with Piet and headed to the town hall to request my new Belgian identity card. Afterwards I chose to walk back to the historical center rather than take a bus. Not like it’s a long walk, mind you, but it gives a nice view on the three towers in Gent center: Saint Bavo Cathedral, the Belfry and Saint Nicholas’ Church. It also gave me some extra to revisit a sometimes forgotten thought: I live in europe.
I walk on streets that were here before my country was even discovered. I live in a country where castles and cobblestones are commonplace. That place people wander with tourist guides and maps? That’s my place of residence.

It’s been too long since I looked around and was momentarily overcome by where life has taken me. I’m married to a man who somehow loves me unconditionally, even as I write this I feel our first child moving inside me and I’m sitting in a century-old square that has seen the faces of generations farther back than I can count.

And all in all, though it’s not perfect (what ever is?), life is very good.


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  1. this post me think, I often forget to stand still and simply enjoy & dream as well

    so on this cloudy to be day I’ll look into the clouds and find some off my dreams . Thanks for sharing

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