So…This is What a Timpani Feels Like


In other news, I’ll be able to start my maternity leave a week earlier than I thought which is great cause no one really fits around me at work anymore, the temperatures here these past couple weeks are the warmest in Europe and the kiosk is not only populated by 3 people, but also an oven and a waffle iron that add several degrees of heat, and on top of all of that fun, I went to the doctor yesterday (after peeing 7 times before noon, breaking into cold sweats, feeling severely nauseous and exhausted and having a random nosebleed) and found out I have a bladder infection.

A month back at work was sufficient…my body really needs to rest now before it implodes.
So this week of work will be my last for the next several months, and I have some large antibiotic pills to swallow and some even larger anti-fungal inserts to well…insert into my birthing bits to protect from other kinds of infection while I’m on the antibiotics for the next week.

In fact, the healthiest part of my body right now is the baby riding shotgun.

He could care less about the state of my bladder.
In fact, it’s his favorite punching bag and he’s now large enough to push on that while simultaneously drop kicking my ribs.

I read somewhere a couple months ago that women feel the most movement of a fetus between 24-28 weeks and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m going to call shenanigans on that little fun fact. While I may’ve felt more rapid movements 6 weeks ago, I can definitely say that I feel more than plenty of movement now.

At all hours.

Especially sleeping hours.

Last night I woke up groaning several times and at one point Piet whispered reassuringly that everything was okay, the baby was just moving a lot.
See, Piet is a night owl and long after I’ve fallen asleep he’s doing whatever he does on the laptop. And now he’s also the nocturnal baby monitor. When my brain is squeezing whatever drops of REM it can despite the kung-fu going on in my midsection, Piet is resting his hand on my belly and communing with his son.

I’m happy he can do that. I really am. It was kind of frustrating when the baby’s movements were so light and small that only I could feel them. I want my husband to feel the baby as much as he can. I want us to share what we’ve made together. So far it feels kind of one-sided and in my favor. I got to feel the moving first and I’m carrying the baby around with me throughout the day. I know when he’s moving normally or when he has hiccups.  I have a general idea of where he is and what he’s doing every second of the day (and usually he’s enthusiastically practicing gymnastics or seeing how far he can protrude from my left side before I gently push him back in to avoid whacking him against the counter top at work).

Just seven more weeks until Piet can be the one giving a soothing pat or carrying the baby around town. And seven more weeks until I can stop feeling like the percussion section of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.


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