This Week in The Life


I feel like every time I post it should be something interesting. Or a picture of my belly.

While in reality I imagine some of you are probably all “you never said you were going mommy blogger on us…when do we get content that isn’t gestation related??”

Well, I’ve got nothing for you really. Tomorrow is the beginning of my maternity leave, which means I’ll have the time and energy to start assembling geboortesuiker items. I’ll also be able to keep my feet up and sit/lay down whenever I want, which, if you’ve ever gained 20 pounds in a few months and then stood up almost non-stop for 8 hours, you’d know what a relief it’ll be to take a load off now and then.

I’m going to the town hall for my official Belgian identity card tomorrow. I’m anxious to finally have that in my wallet and while I’m out I’ll most likely start scoping out the candy for the geboortesuiker mentioned above.

Wednesday is the 34 week checkup with the new gynecologist (long story…not worth telling) where I have to have my blood retested to see if my bleeding disorder is still on hold. After this appointment I start going every two weeks which I guess should signal how close I’m getting to the end of the pregnancy. I’m still not quite at the point where I can think beyond going into labor. I can’t even think about the actual going into labor even. Not cause my fear of it is back, but just cause…well, labor is something totally foreign to me. I don’t have a clue how it’ll feel when it starts. I mean, women seem to know most of the time, so I assume I will too, but I guess it’s like the first time you do anything really…you’re never quite sure how the actual event will go until it starts.

I’ve got no real plans for the rest of the week. My main to-dos are cementing my nationality with a new pretty green card, our doctor appointment and a trip to the candy store and printer for the birth announcements and if I feel extra ambitious, a haircut, since I haven’t had one since before the honeymoon back in October.


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  1. Enjoy the haircut…nothing nicer than some good strong hands massaging your scalp during the washing phase! That about puts me in a coma every time! 6 weeks….Goonch is sustainable now if he wants to make a showing!

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