Countdown to 30: Cut Your Hair


I remember when I was a teenager and my parents would make comments about kids my age and their hairstyles. And even though my hair was insanely thick and curly and usually very long because it turned into a clown ‘fro if it wasn’t cut exactly right, I still recall thinking my parents were just old and didn’t understand what it was like to have cool hair.

Most of the girls in my high school had pin-straight, layered hair and/or cute whispy bangs. Oh, and scrunchies…can’t forget the scrunchies. Many of the guys had very short hair that was gelled to stick out a little in front. Sometimes if the guy needed a hair cut we’d tease him about having a shelf over his forehead, but still, that was the typical style.
Obviously other styles existed but that’s what I saw the most back in high school when I gave half a shit about trendiness.

My mom would talk about her bob or pixie cut or my dad’s mutton chops and I’d just roll my eyes and think about how dorky they must’ve looked.

Nowadays, I find myself looking at teenagers today with their parts so far off to the side that they’re practically right above their ears and the giant, helmet-like, solid sweep of hair that covers one (if not both) of their eyes or their uber-bieber hair that again, sweeps far enough forward to cover their eyes, leading to the constant jerking of their head so that they can do practical things like, you know, see, and I catch myself thinking:

“What exactly are you thinking with your hair like that? People can’t even see your face. You can’t see anything at all! Cut your hair, dammit!”

And then I start thinking:

My kid better not think he’ll be wearing his hair like that. Not if I have anything to say about it.”

Sigh. Then I realize that all I’m doing is calling the kettle black. And that the next logical step would be to drag a rocking chair out onto the porch and start yelling at kids to get off my lawn.


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  1. hahahaaaaaaa

    I start catching myself thinking similar things (not related to hairstyle but to behaviour, noise, clothing) and find that pretty shocking for myself.

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