Countdown to 30: Made to Last


This one is going back to music.

Because I like music.
But also because I personally tend to use music as a sensory bookmark to recall experiences and times in my life, both positive and negative. So music is very important to me.

To begin, I have to confess something very painful and very, very embarrassing. I can only hope that you’ll keep in mind that we’re all young once and that we all make mistakes. That being said…here goes…
When I was eight years old, I was a huge fan of New Kids on the Block.
There, I said it.

I was also probably the only 8 year old listening to Paul Simon and Eric Clapton at the time, but still, I was all about the NKOTB.

And since this was the first time I’d really listened to anything besides the oldies station my parents tended to listen to in the car, I was absolutely unfamiliar with the phenomenon of the one hit wonder. when my dad told me one day that no one would remember New Kids on the Block in ten or even five years, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, everyone my age knew Hangin’ Tough! How could anyone forget that song? It was on the radio constantly! Daddy, you have no idea what you’re talking about! Songs from when you were my age are still around, so how can you say these songs won’t be??


Obviously in the last 12 years I’ve revised my opinion on this topic.
After a few Vanilla Ices and Ace of Bases and Eiffel 65s, you start to realize that some music and musicians are made to last, but the majority definitely are not.

At this point I think I’ve been around long enough to thumb my nose at some of the adults in my childhood and point out a band that I was told wouldn’t last that actually has:

Green Day.

I’ve been listening to Green Day since Dookie came out in 1994. In fact, I had to borrow the cassette from my friend and listen to it in my room when my parents weren’t around because it had a parental advisory on it and I wasn’t allowed to listen to music with parental advisories until I was 16 or so.
Granted there’s no denying their sound has changed some over the years:



But they’re still making music, performing and appealing to kids half my age (who probably don’t even realize these guys are all almost 40). They even have a show on Broadway. I know some people see it as selling out, but I think they’re essentially the same, but they’ve done what people who want to stay successful do: matured and grown along with their music. Frankly, true sell outs tend to not last very long in the music world (just ask Jewel) and those that don’t evolve with age just get boring and stale (just ask Bon Jovi).

So anyway, that’s my take on things and also my opportunity to fire an “I told you so” at my parents who told me Green Day was just another one of those bands that would fade away.

Nyah nyah!


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  1. and, frighteningly enough..BSB and NKOTB are now on tour together and ladies your age along with their little girls are screaming and fainting in the aisles yet again! Got your message 🙂

  2. I had the same feeling just the other day about Foo Fighters. I thought they would never, ever be anything more than what they were in 2000. I’m not still a fan, but they do appeal to feistly little 16-20 year olds and they’re still making music. Well done, former Nirvana dude.

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