Baby, Baby, Baby Oooh!




Not only have I not had the baby yet, but I’ll probably get a whole bunch of hits now from scary Bieber lovers.

Not that they’ll actually stay and read, but it’s still a cheap rush to see my hits sky rocket for a day.

But anyway, yeah, as you can see, I guess it’s to the point now where the real counting down starts.
And everyone tells you that the days really start to drag.
And they reeeeaaaaally do.
Although in my case I think it’s also because I haven’t seen my parents in a year and they’ll finally be arriving here on June 23, so not only am I anticipating the arrival of this baby, but also the arrival of my mom and dad who I miss like crazy.

At least I get to talk to my parents once a week but with the baby I’ve pretty much become my 7 year old self, sitting in the back seat of the car on the 9 hour drive to Virginia Beach. I’ve run out of entertaining things to do and now I’m now rocking back and forth and chanting “are we there yet?”
Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of things (reconstruction of our house-wise) that need to be done in the next month. I don’t really have too much to do with that, since it involves knocking down walls with jackhammers and carting away bricks, but I do have something to do with trying to keep the upper two floors somewhat dust-free so that Piet won’t have to worry too much about cleaning for visitors while I’m in the hospital.
I’ve been dusting/sweeping/vacuuming a room a day, although considering I can’t really bend at the waist anymore (or tie my shoes easily or breathe very well after two flights of stairs) and I’ve got all the grace of a stoned hippopotamus, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll even be keeping up on that sluggish pace.

And I’ve been starting to get some pretty strong cramps the past week or so, both in my back but also in my hips and lower abdomen. From what I can tell I guess that’s the infamous Braxton-Hicks you hear so much about. And I’m cool with it. I know it’s normal and I’m gearing up to eject my passenger pretty soon, but first of all, it hurts. It’s not overwhelming or tear jerking, but it does make me stop what I’m doing to try to stretch because OWIE!
Also, sometimes it lasts several minutes and then I start thinking it may actually be the real thing. Which I’m also cool with as long as it happens tomorrow or later because then, even if he is 24 days early, he probably won’t have to spend any time in neonatal care. But obviously, despite the sometimes 5-8 minute long cramps and back pain, it hasn’t been the real thing. Which leaves me somewhat relieved but at the same time, even more anxious for the real thing to start.
Although I’m also kind of afraid for the real thing to start. Because this fake stuff hurts. So I imagine the real thing hurts a lot, lot more and I know for sure it goes on for a long, long time. And I do realize that it’s not worth worrying about, because it’s not like I have any options. This is how babies come out and women do this every day. In fact, plenty of them do it out in the middle of nowhere with no doctor around to help and very little comfort or reassurance.
Comparatively, what I’ll be doing will be cake.
And my brain acknowledges this…until I get another cramp in my back.



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  1. The best thing about real labour is they give you drugs! And, you get this amazing little person at the end of it – no matter how long and painful your labour, you’ll forget it all in an instant.

  2. It’s hard to explain to first time moms how “obsessive” the thought processes will be this last month, but it is a beautiful thing you get to experience. And what your friend Tiannah says is so true, even if you don’t take the drugs, once labor is over, so will the pain be over. There is tenderness, but not that hang-on soreness like you get when you are recovering from surgery or even a really strenuous work out. Once the contractions are done, so is the majority of that pain.

    Oh the anticipation.

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