Mommy’s Mental Health: 101


Dear Baby,
Let me just reiterate here in digital black and white, that change is good.

While I realize that you are probably very happy there in your little portable waterbed with the climate control and the all you can eat buffet, I would just like to remind you that out here there are so many other cool things like colors and flavors and smells and basic physical awareness!
We have books and toys and cuddly blankets and BPA-free stuff to chew on and boobs! Boobs that are so anxious to feed you that they are already staining all of mommy’s nightshirts!
We have a daddy person who you already get excited to hear and who can’t wait to hold you, which will do wonders for mommy’s pelvis and back, which creak and pop every time she attempts to get up from the couch.
We have room to move around! Yes! You can kick and punch and roll out here all you want without making mommy groan or wince or run to the toilet to pee even though she just went five minutes ago and her butt is getting a permanent toilet seat shaped dent in it.

So please, I know everyone is saying you’ve still got another 11 days before it’s time to come out, but if you’re anything like your parents, you are a stubborn over-achiever and if you set your mind to it, I’m sure you can exceed everyone’s expectations. We are all out here waiting for you and even though we’re in Europe, half of you is American, so I expect you to at least be on time, cause where mommy comes from, it’s definitely not fashionable to be late!


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  1. I’ve just been reading your blog and wanted to comment before your baby arrives. I hope that will not be long for you.

    Just wanted to say that you have been through so many changes during a short time: marriage, moving to another country with a new language, pregnancy and soon birth and a new baby. I have read in some of your posts where you are a little worried about your anxieties or state of mind but I have to say that it all sound so normal to me, as do all the things you’ve mentioned about being pregnant.

    I had children late in life after fertility treatment and I can tell you that even though a baby is much loved and wanted, pregnancy can be a very strange and sometimes exhausting experience. The hormones and the massive changes that your body goes through can make you feel down sometimes in spite of yourself. It is not a bad thing. I wish people who had made negative comments about your very real and valid feelings would perhaps consider whether they were contributing positively to the situation by doing so.

    Whatever you are doing now, I hope you are enjoying some warmer weather and having some rest before your little boy arrives. Best of luck for the birth and I look forward to hearing news of his safe arrival when you are able.

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