I’m Still Here


And still incubating a now fully grown infant who is showing absolutely no interest in coming out.
I keep seeing tiny babies in strollers out on the sidewalk and thinking, “one of those is in me.”
When he moves, which he’s still doing plenty of (which is a very good thing, if not somewhat painful at this point), it’s looking like a scene out of Alien. Last night Piet had his hand on my belly and commented that he was pretty sure he felt a knee sticking out. This was before he started tapping on my belly and chuckling when the baby kicked back in response.

I loved watching my husband’s eyes while he “played” with our son, although I’ll love it even more when I can watch them playing together from across the room or something, rather than serving as the conduit between father and son.

But anyway, while I could, quite literally go into labor at any time, I’m not really feeling any differently. Assuming everything stays the same, I can say that the baby will definitely be born at some point this week. As for when, well, I guess that’ll mostly depend on him.


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  1. I think I mentioned once before I went to 42 weeks with both of mine. It is an eternity at this point in time when you cannot remember how it feels not to haave another human being living inside you.

    In the days when I hung out on parenting forums, the phrase was “sending labour vibes your way”. =)

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