Why You Gotta Make Things So Complicated?


First off, why have I posted no pictures of the newest daydream believer?
Good question.
You may know it already if you follow me on the ol’ FB, but if not, well… breast-feeding started out painful in the hospital, but after we came home on the 13th, feeding Tay from lefty had become excruciating. I was literally sobbing in pain while he ate and Piet sat next to me, whispering how sorry he was that it hurt so badly.
I just assumed the pain was from the cracks that had started appearing on my nipples.

On Saturday I woke up feeling nauseous and very tired, but we had a busy day ahead of us getting, of all things, passport photos of Tay to apply for his Belgian passport before the majority of Gent’s administrative offices closed for the Gentse Feesten. We were out for several hours, did the most walking I’d done since I went into the hospital, and by the time we got home I was feeling even worse. I took an Aleve and a nap and woke up feeling somewhat better. Next we had a visit from one of my colleagues and her boyfriend and afterwards I started shaking.
That’s when I asked for a thermometer and saw my temperature was at about 102°F (about 39°C). I took another Aleve but the fever wouldn’t break so Piet took me to a g.p. that was open on the weekend. At this point I was aching, shaking and had a sore left breast and pain on the right side of my incision, presumably from all the walking.
The practitioner diagnosed me with a infected abcess in my left breast, prescribed Amoxicilan and Tylenol and sent us on our way.

When I woke up the next day I still felt feverish and my incision didn’t feel right. The right side was swollen and red and when I went to shower I caught a wiff of pure nasty coming from the area, despite my daily shower and careful drying.
We had told my in-laws that we’d come to lunch with the baby and my mother. Despite how I felt, I figured it was better to give Piet’s parents some time with the baby and have a nice family meal than to sit home and dwell on being in pain.

So we loaded Tay and my mom in the back and drove to Piet’s parents’ place. By the time we got there and I went to go express some milk for Tay I was shaking again, despite the Tylenol I’d taken before leaving. My fever was back up to 102.6 and I couldn’t really get out of the bed.
I slept through most of the meal and Piet called a doctor to ask if he should take me to the ER since it was Sunday.
The doctor advised against it unless my fever went up any higher and rather said we should go to the gynecologist first thing Monday. Fortunately the gynecologist could take us right away and after looking at the swollen incision, concluded that yes, I definitely had an infection going on.
From what Piet saw, the doctor pretty much pushed on the swelling until the incision opened a bit, took a swab, ordered some blood work and a follow-up appointment on Friday and prescribed me a broad spectrum antibiotic as well as a nurse to come to the house twice daily to clean and dress the incision.

And that’s where I’ve been.

Pretty much immobilized with pain, often dizzy with a fever that has rarely dropped below 100°, regardless of the Aleve and Tylenol I’m taking, and doing my best to involve myself with my 12 day old infant beyond providing him with food.

On the bright side, they say these first couple week are the hardest, so if I’m going through all of this during the hardest weeks, everything afterwards will feel like a party.


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  1. oh damn that is so horrible. I wish I could do something to make you feel better. So sorry you feel so awful right now. I wish you all the best so you can get to start enjoying your mother hood as soon as possible without all these complications!

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