In The Rhythm


Tay is seven weeks old today.

Obviously he’s still quite a handful and I find I never have enough time in the day to everything I ought to be doing. As it is there’s a pile of burp rags that’ve been sitting in the bedrooom to be folded for a week now and here I am blogging in the small window of time where Tay is sleeping soundly by himself.

But aside from never finishing anything I start, for all else, we’re starting to really carve out some routines now. Tay eats every 3-4 hours, depending on whether he gets breast milk or formula and he’s finally, finally sleeping about half the night in his cradle. For the first several weeks he refused to sleep anywhere but on my chest at night. Granted, he’ll only sleep in his cradle or playpen if he’s nestled in his nursing pillow, but still. He’s sleeping alone and on his back for 2-3 hours at a time, which he refused to do for the first month or so.

Also in the past couple days he’s become increasingly entranced with his mobile and he smiles more and more at Piet and I. He’s also beginning to burble in response to our talking and attention.

It definitely takes the edge off of the crying jags and sleep deprivation to see a big smile on that round little face.
I guess you can’t truly understand how frazzling being a first time parent is until you actually have the experience, but in our little corner of the planet things are starting to come together very well.


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