Pete and Repete Were on a Boat


Something I’ve become an expert on since being back from the hospital is daytime television in Belgium.

Which, for the most part, sucks.

I’ve found myself watching series I never had any interest in in the US because it’s either that or infomercials. I’ve even found a couple I sort of like (The Guardian, True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy). But something I’ve now picked up on, being that I’m often awake now at 4 in the morning, as well as 2 in the afternoon and 9 at night, is that here in Belgium, not only are the series on television repeats (as in old seasons), they are 24 hour repeats. As in, the CSI: Miami I watch at 8 in the evening is the exact same on playing at 3 am and 11 pm the next day.

Suffice it to say I’ve now managed to memorize countless episodes of shows I don’t even like. I think one of the hilights of our upcoming trip to Pittsburgh will be getting to see all of the fresh, new reruns.
Or at least the reruns from my favorite shows.


And here you thought this post would be devoid of baby. Psych!


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  1. oh yeah daytime tv sucks

    although when I was on sick leave for my surgery, there were was a month that they did 5 different runs of Frasier a day….sadly enough it was the only thing worth watching so you can imagine how much frasier I’ve seen in those weeks. Crazy.

    Is day-time tv in US any better? I have feeling there always that there’s multiple series on several times an evening as well, but never figured out if that was a time-zone thing or so.

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