One of Those Mondays


After a nice weekend, today began with an emphatic MEH.

Piet and I decided to use cloth diapers for Tay (we do occasionally cheat with disposables, but I figure 75% less disposables is still 75% less in a landfill leeching into the soil) and the daycare agreed to go along with that. So I’ve been very much on top of making sure Tay has 3-4 bum geniuses at the daycare every day.
Every time I check Tay’s cubby he always seems to have more than enough cloth diapers. Sometimes he has more there than here at home. With that in mind I opted not to throw the customary 3 diapers into the stroller basket to take to daycare this morning. I also opted not to put an extra shirt or socks on Tay because every time I do, when I pick him up he’s usually stripped down to his onesie and I end up with a handful of extra clothing to take back home. So I popped him in a short sleeve onesie and some little pants, tucked him into his insulated little baby carrier bag and headed off to the daycare.

Figures he only had one cloth diaper in the daycare and the heating wasn’t working so the head caretaker (who intimidates me slightly) asked me if he didn’t have anything more to wear and basically made me feel like I was a horrible mother who was ill equipping them to handle my baby’s poop while simultaneously neglecting the basic neccessity of warmth.
Then she asked if I’d requested daycare on November 3 and 4th.
Um, well, last week when one of the other caregivers asked if he’d be coming Thursday and Friday, I said yes, since the paper we were given said the daycare was closed the 31-2. I had no clue that was considered a “special request” but apparently that whole week is considered a holiday and they’re extra strict about attendance if you request care that day, therefore you have to sign your name to prove you requested it.
I just kind of nodded dumbly cause um… no one had told me that. But I had assumed he’d be in daycare those days, so I signed and assured he would be.

After that I came home to find that one of the cats, most likely Luna had raided one of the garbage bags that wasn’t full enough to put out for the week and left nasty old pieces of cheese all over the floor. After cleaning that up I loaded the dishwasher, opened the block of detergent and proceeded to throw the block in the trash instead of the wrapper.

And that was all before 10 am.

Now I’m planning on hiding out and laying low until it’s time to pick Tay up in a few hours. Not too much can happen in the meantime, right?



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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve failed motherhood several times – often in front of sanctimonious childcare workers, too. It gets better and my kids still love me. Tay will love you, too, no matter what.

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