Pregnancy: What’s Left Over?


This may or may not be tmi for some of you. After giving birth and having a seemingly endless stream of strangers have their hand probing your cervix, it becomes difficult to see the boundary of what constitutes too much information.

Anyway, this post is pretty much going to be about how pregnancy seems to have changed my basic body chemistry. Apparently for good, or at least until I’m pregnant again. I guess you never know until you play human incubator how it’s going to go.

First off, let’s talk about my hair.
My hair used to be insanely think and uber curly. Really, to the point where I could use some of the products typically used for African hair. I was totally going to write African-American there until I realized I’m talking about pretty much anyone of African descent. Well, not including North Africa I suppose.
Anyway, it was huge and curly and all I ever had to do was comb it out, spray some gel and scrunch it and I had great mane of curly hair. Granted it took all day to dry and if I blew it dry or got it cut too short it looked like a shrubbery had taken over my head, but it also took no effort to look like I’d put a lot of effort in.
Now it’s probably half as thick, with just a tiny bit of wave in it. It’s a lot more manageable and I go through so much less shampoo and conditioner that it’s quite economic, but I’ve never, since I was maybe 10 years old, ever had to “do” anything to my hair. Now I have this sometimes limp, flat hair and I have no clue what to do to make it look nicer. I have no idea how to style my hair. At all.
I may try to learn eventually, but I think I’ll wait until Tay has outgrown the stage where I tend to get mashed food or spit in my hair if I make the mistake of leaving it down where he can get a grip on it.

But hair? Hair is only the beginning.

My ass is now huge.
I’ve been overweight for several years now, yes, but I carried most of it in my waist, boobs and arms. I’ve never had to worry about my butt.
Until now. A few weeks ago I went to try on my winter coat (which fit before I got pregnant, obviously) and I was worried it wouldn’t zip over my waist or chest.
It zipped fine over those but totally not over my hips and butt.
I still have no real conception of how much extra space my ass is taking up behind me. Piet and I went to the Ardennes last week and while we were getting breakfast in the hotel, Piet went behind me to get to the table. I turned and my ass nearly took out the glass of juice he was holding.
This I’m hoping to remedy (along with the rest of me, which is still carrying most of my baby weight) by not eating like an asshole and also by biking to work every day that it isn’t below freezing or too snowy.

The last thing I’ve noticed (so far…I may think of more eventually) is the thing some of you may want to skip over cause it’s about my uterus. Go ahead…you can leave, I’ll wait till you’re gone.

Okay, so, my uterus freaking hurts now.
Before I hardly noticed my cycles or indicators of certain times of my cycle. I barely noticed any extra goo when I ovulated and rarely felt any cramping and I only got cramps maybe 2 days before and the first two days of my period. And yes, the cramps hurt, but in a dull, achy way, kind of like when it rains and your old sprain or break starts acting up.
But ever since I started getting my period again, argh.

I get sharp pains when I ovulate and sharper pains during my period. It’s really like I can feel my uterus contracting during my menses. I imagine that’s from the C-section and the scar tissue, which makes me really strongly consider opting for a VBAC when we decide to have more kids.
But I doubt the C-section had anything to do with the amount of…um…runoff I’ve been getting during the time I ovulate. While we were trying to get pregnant, I read about the luteal fase and how your body produces more discharge and that’s what you should look for as an indication your ovulating but I couldn’t ever pinpoint it without using a pee-stick. Now, man, who needs a pee-stick? Things get a lot more discharge-y than they used to.

I know. Gross, right? don’t forget I did let you opt out before I got all show and tell with my post pregnancy luteal fases.

Anyway, I guess I should just add this to the list of “stuff they never tell you before you get pregnant” that I compiled back while Tay was still gestating. I’m just hoping I can get a little bit of curl back on the n ext go-around.

And a little less junk in my trunk.


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  1. It’s so hard to eat healthily when you’re tired and running around like a crazy person. I don’t know where I’m supposed to find the time to exercise and cook fresh meals in between everything else.

    I had Implanon implanted at the hospital. No periods and no worrying about a daily pill.

  2. My hair went back to normal after about 6 months, I was gutted, loved my pregnancy hair. And I agree the whole period and goo thing is completely different now. My ribcage has expanded and my whole body changed shape. So basically, I feel your pain ❤

  3. I’m getting an IUD put in at my 6 week visit next week. We don’t really need a surprise sibling for our surprise daughter lol I hate the pill too they have all given me trouble. The patch wasn’t as bad but still had some issues.

    As for the ass, I’ve always had a rather large one so i cant really tell if its bigger. My hips did expand a bit which i really didn’t need. We are flying southwest to FL in 2 weeks and I’m afraid i wont fit anymore between the armrests. I was pushing it before.

    Also, the hair will likely go back to normal after a while. I did read that it going somewhat limp and even falling out is really common postpartum but generally goes away on its own sometime I think it said 6 and 9 months.

  4. Your body after a pregnancy definitely is different! And it takes some time to adjust to it. I had massive hair loss after my pregnancies starting from about 3 months post partum to about 6 months, but there were areas in which I was begining to see bold patches! Fortunately it has grown back!
    In my case, not only my hips and ass got bigger, I can also report increased mass in the boobs and (the most depressing of all) my feet are wider (I now feel like an elephant!).

    By far the weirdest change of all, has been on my hormones, I am now officially a migraneur, and I have two attacks per month, wich coincide nicely with my cyclic estrogen variations.

  5. Yeah…. pregnancy messes you up. Sometimes temporary, sometimes not. My hair came back, as did my feet (I’m still at my pre-pregnancy shoe size) but my boobs did not. I actually have a behind now – I did not before – but my taste for gin is gone forever. Vodka, however, tastes much better now. My periods actually evened out postpartum, but seven years out have returned to their normal irregular state. Hormones are funny things, but you will adjust. Promise. 🙂

  6. I have a friend whose hair switched back and forth from curly to straight with each pregnancy :p…so I guess she has to chose an even or odd number of children depending on her favourite hairstyle 😉

  7. The goo is actually a good thing and many women are very, very fertile in those first few cycles after having a baby. It is funny – or not, depending on your point of view – how many women end up having two babies very close together because of this.

    I am not sure whether the pain you are reporting is due to the healing of your uterus etc. from the caesarean or maybe some other reason. Is it bad enough to warrant a visit to the doctor to have it checked out?

    The hair loss will settle after a time but I’m not sure about your lack of curl problem. I know some things with me never returned to the way they were before either. =)

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