I Was Going to Write Something Cool


Really, it was about how I realized I find men who read (like, really read as in novels/poetry, not magazines or the newspaper) to be sexy by default.

But then I started working a lot of late shifts and kept Tay home with me on Thanksgiving since I had the day off and hadn’t seen much of him lately.
I’ve also had this rash thing that started out just as itchy armpits a month before Tay’s birth, and stayed as an irritating itch until I stopped breast feeding. Afterwards it started getting worse and when the rash spread to my neck/chest/face I went to a doctor in October who thought it might be a fungus (nothing like athlete’s armpit to make you feel good about yourself, right?) and perscribed 2 creams to treat it. The creams seemed to be working until about 2 weeks ago when the itch came back with a vengeance. Since then the rash has gotten worse, spread to my arms and back to my neck/chest/breasts and I’ve managed to scratch most of it raw in my sleep. Nothing is helping.

Piet and Tay haven’t picked it up, so I’m not sure anymore if it’s a fungus/yeast. I think it could be systemic, but I have no clue what it is. So I’ll be calling a dermatologist on Monday to schedule an appointment before my armpits fall off or something.

Once I take my vacation days in December (I still have those, yay!) maybe I’ll get back around to sexy reading men.

Or not.


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  1. I’ve struggled with fungus on my footsoles & toes this spring for 4 months and it also drove me mad. If you don’t treat it immediately, it spreads & is fairly persistent. It took me 3 months of Lamisil cream + 3 boxes of Lamisil pills + twice a day disinfecting bathing. Fortunately when wearing cotton socks which I changed twice a day & good shoes, the itching was bearable.

    Often it looked better but the dermatologist takes samples for confirmation. When it had been gone for 2 weeks (of negative tests), I had to still treat it for another week with cortisone cream to repair the skin and then gradually stop.

    So maybe your doctor is right but it isn’t treated enough yet, especially if you did like me ignore the rash for the first couple of weeks which allowed it to truly settle. Additionally I do have the experience that for such things you better consult a dermatologist right away.

    I hope that whatever it is, it disappears quickly! Itch does drive one mad. and I want to read about sexy reading men 😉

    • Yeah, I’ve had athlete’s foot and it was annoying, but I was always able to treat it with Lamisil for a week or two and it would go away. I have no idea what I have now, but I’m seeing a specialist Tuesday. After I went back to the huisarts she said it may be bacterial or severe Eczeem (eczema?). The Cortizone cream and mentholated cream she prescribed have already really helped the itching and also helped my skin heal. I’m just hoping I’ll have some answers Tuesday. This has been going on since I was 8 months pregnant but since it was just itching and no rash, all the doctors/nurses assumed it was from the glands around my boobs.
      I stopped breastfeeding 3 months ago so obviously it’s something else.

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