A Pic A Day


Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows that I’ve failed miserably this month in keeping up with posting baby pictures. I keep promising and people get all excited (mostly my mom and soon to be sister in law) and then I end up doing something else.

Like showering or pooping or sleeping.

You know, those inconvenient things I rarely have time to do since I started working again (keeping in mind I work weird, irregular shifts and weekends).

Anyway, after I came back from my maternity/parent leave, I realized I’d never taken my 20 vacation days this year and if I didn’t take them, I’d end up owing the government a month’s wage. Belgians will understand this. Americans probably will not and if not, it takes a bit of explaining, but trust me, if I don’t take my vacation I have to pay the government money.

This means that today I start my vacation.
And it will last the entire month of December.

To make up for my slacking in posting the promised pictures, I plan on posting a baby picture every day for the rest of the month (also, go check Tay’s 4 month post if you want to see his 4 month picture that I failed to post because at that point in time my desktop had gone kablooey and I had no way to post pictures). I realize that some people do this every day on their blogs and that it’s no big thing, but for me it’s a task, so let me be a bit impressed with myself about it.

I can’t guarantee actual content every day, but there will definitely be some sort of photo of my child. Cause that’s how I roll lately.

Little content, lot of baby.

Did we really have to interrupt my bouncing for this?


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