Five Months


Here we are, five months later and I’ve just spent the last few days looking at all of your first pictures while we were still in the hospital.
You were so skinny and small and your hair was so dark. It may sound strange but you didn’t have your own smell yet. Every time I lifted you up to my face I only smelled a scent I’ll only ever think of as what my insides must smell like.

And now you are such a big boy.
You’re growing so fast and taking it all in stride. Your hair is starting to fill out nicely, although it’s gotten much lighter so it’s hard to see sometimes, but it’s there and silky soft. You have such a round, adorable face, with the most expressive, twinkling eyes. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen eyes that shine like yours do.
You squeal and giggle and laugh and play peekaboo.
You look at books and shake rattles and adore watching Luna when she comes into the room.
You are fascinated by patterns on burp cloths and clothing and furniture. Anything with a pattern you immediately try to grab and examine.
You love jumping in your bouncer and and being sung to.
You prefer sweet potatoes and fruit puree, the Nuby teething ring and your stuffed duck with the spinning ball in its belly.

Just this past week (the first of the month, to be exact) you started sitting by yourself for the first time. And predictably, you only fell over when I realized I should be taping it and went to get the camera.

You’re my little man and Daddy’s patatje and when I lift you to my face now for kisses or cuddles, I breathe in your very own smell. The scent that fills your bedroom and makes you even more individual and special and beautiful.

I love you so, so much.



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