The One Where He Pukes On My Face


GTFO Mother

We’ve had a sick baby here for the past few days.
It was pure luck that I’d written the last two posts a few days ahead of time and auto-scheduled them to post on their own because otherwise a Pic a Day would’ve failed pretty quick.

Tay was coughing a lot on Monday and kind of cranky on Tuesday but when we picked him up from daycare they said he was fine. Then Wednesday I took him in and when Piet got him home around 5:30, he had apparently been crying a lot of the time, sleeping and eating at irregular times and wanted to be held a lot. By Wednesday night he had a middle of the road fever of 102. We gave him baby Dafalgan, held him a lot, tried to get him to drink (he usually has 7 ounce bottles but Wednesday he was only drinking 5 ounces and throwing it back up often) and just did our best to make him comfortable.
At 4:30 Thursday morning he woke up crying so I fixed a bottle for him and went upstairs to his room. When I opened his sleep sack to check his diaper it was like standing in front of a furnace, so I took his temperature: 105° (that’s 40.55°C). I gave him more Dafalgan, fed him his bottle and woke Piet and we took him to the ER. By the time we got there his fever had gone down significantly and nothing else seemed wrong aside for some congestion. The pediatrician in the ER told us to keep an eye on his fever and if it went up again, to take him to the GP for an antibiotic because he may have an ear infection.
So when his fever went back up to 102° I took him to our GP who looked him over, saw no sign of pus or infection in his ears, just some redness and sent us home with the advice to control fever and pain with the dafalgan, make sure we kept him hydrated and if his fever went as hi as 105 again or if Tay became lethargic or stopped eating, to bring him in again.

Thursday night he was still cranky and had a low grade fever around 101 but when he woke up at 5 am this morning, he was down to 99°, drank a whole 7 ounces with no vomiting and went almost immediately back to sleep. I woke him again around 9:30 for another bottle and planned to take him to daycare since he seemed to be feeling better. He drank another whole bottle, had a very large poop and seemed to be in a great mood. I got us both dressed and just as I was about to put him in his stroller he looked at me and spewed 7 ounces of curdled milk right into my face.
And down my shirt.
And on himself.
And possibly on a cat.

Its a weird feeling, wanting to laugh, cry, and vomit all at the same time, especially while your holding a baby who is chuckling in a confused sort of way because Look! Mommy is covered in my puke and looks somewhat unhinged and hysterical! Funny!

So, I stripped us both, put us both in the shower for a rinse, redressed us and took us on a trip to the grocery store during which Tay fell asleep and I recovered a bit from the grossest thing since Tay’s diaper overflowed all over my lap on the flight to America in September.

Now he’s awake again. Time to check his temperature and reload his stomach cannon.

Pray for me, will you?!!


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