Wherein Tay Stages a Sit-In


Mommy forgot to wipe the blueberries from my nose

Yesterday you got tummy time, but lately Tay is more and more into sitting upright time. He really enjoys his playpen more now that he can sit in it. He’s actually sick today with a mild fever and stuffy nose/yucky eye but after some childrens ibuprofren and a long nap he enthusiastically polished off a pot and a half of fruit (as evidenced by the bright purple blueberry smear on his nose) and proceeded to play cheerfully in his chair, his bouncer and his playpen. I’m really hoping this is a 24 hour fever this time. It’s not that I mind keeping Tay around with me all day, but I really feel awful when he’s sick and cranky and I can’t do anything to make him feel better aside from baby ibuprofren. So everyone cross your fingers and let’s hope Tay’s fever free this evening.


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  1. Man that mouth looks in teething position and I cannot get over how well he is sitting by himself already! I hope he is feeling better tonite!

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