Six Months Old


Half a year has passed since the removed Tay from his oh so comfortable spot in my womb.

This is one of those momentous ones, I think, and yet somehow, it’s no more moving than two or three days ago when I was sitting and trying to think of something to blog about and could only repeat over and over in my head how beautiful my baby was. How perfect his chubby little hands are and how soft his cheek is. I don’t think a day has gone by where I am not in awe of this heart-meltingly adorable child my husband and I have created.

And oh, what a big boy he’s becoming. He sits just fine by himself and has taken to lunging forward in an attempt to get onto his belly. When he’s on his belly he’s able to rotate himself 360° and occasionally even scooches backwards a bit. In less than a week his “aaaah”s have turned into babbles.
He squeals and giggles and puts his arms up to be held.
He’s ticklish and thinks funny faces are hysterical.
He thinks Rex and Luna are magical and only has eyes for them when they’re in the room.
He’s social and friendly and makes frank, direct eye contact with the children in his daycare and total strangers in the grocery store.
He’s the non-pickiest eater I’ve ever seen, scarfing down leeks, beets, chicory, endive, spinach, carrot, pumpkin, parsnip, celeriac, artichoke, apple, pear, blueberries, peaches, prunes, banana, quince and most recently, cod. He can sit in his high chair and gnaw on a baby cookie although we’re still waiting on his teeth.
His bouncer is his favorite place to be (thoguh I doubt that’ll last once he really starts crawling) and he very clearly despises going to sleep most evenings. He would rather hang limply in the bouncer staring exhaustedly at his crib than actually be put to sleep.

Ever so slowly a personality is shaping itself and making itself known through every day events.

My baby, my boy, my son.
My chest tightens every time I try to put into words how epically, blindly, consumingly I adore you.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to properly explain it, but I’m sure as your life goes on, I’ll continue to try.


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