Baby’s Sick Day


Tay is sick today.

The kind of sick where he snots everywhere and has a fever, but as long as he’s dosed with baby ibuprofren every 6 hours, he’s basically completely normal.

Totally, babblingly, smilingy, playingly, nappingly, scarfing down two pots of peaches in one sitting normal.


I was tapped to be the one to leave work and come home to take care of the little man, so I took the opportunity to dress him all adorable (twice, did I mention the snot everywhere?) and take some pictures. And since I’m here, not doing chores and not totally exhausted like I usually am on a day when I wake up at 5 am and work a whole shift, come home, do some grocery shopping, maybe a load of dishes and then plan dinner, I’m even posting them on the same day.

Go me.

HAI DERE! Do I look like a sick baby?

No really, look a little closer

I'm the happiest sick baby EVER

Now come give me a big snotty kiss

And let me take a bite of that camera cause two pots of peaches wasn't enough

What do you mean, no gumming the camera?

Pfff, I laugh at your silly rules

Or I sneeze. Sometimes I sneeze at your silly rules.

Fine, if you're going to put the camera away, I'll just chew on this instead.




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    • This is true. If he wants something he just grabs it. And yeah, he likes sitting, although he’s started learning how to get from sitting to his tummy so that he can wiggle places. Not crawling yet, but I’m guessing soon.

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