No Camera = No Pictures :(


We’ve lost our camera.

My camera, actually. My little dinky, cheap Sony digital camera that Piet teased me for buying when I went to Pittsburgh on my own a few years ago. The camera that’s outlasted Piet’s fairly expensive Nikon as well as Piet’s dad’s loaner Nikon. The camera that’s taken quite a few of our pictures of me and Piet and now Tay.

Last week a small moving van side swiped our car and Piet took pictures of the damage and the camera shared the fate of so many things my husband touches: it has been misplaced who knows where and it’s quite possible we won’t find for a long time, if ever.

So Tay’s rocking back and forth on hands and knees, and the funny way he is sticking his tongue out constantly and his (disturbingly more frequent) pulling himself up to stand in his crib will go unrecorded for the time being.

Much to the dismay of his Mama.


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