For My Seventh Month


I will crawl.

This must be what my son thought today when he became enamored with his Papa’s alarm clock just before knocking it off the bed.

Because while Mama had her back turned to put on her shoes, she caught her little boy galumphing over the mattrass from the corner of her eye.

It took her moment to realize the galumphing was actual, intentional forward movement.
It took her another moment to realize one more galumph would send said little boy headfirst off the bed.

To retest her theory, the Mama placed the baby at the foot of the bed and Papa’s alarm clock at the head of the bead and watched while the baby lurchingly crawled from one end of the bed to the other to reach the alarm clock.


So Mama scooped up baby, put him on the bathroom floor (Papa was taking a bath) and said, “with proper motivation and traction, he crawls! Look!”
No crawling ensued.
Although the baby quite succesfully went from his belly to a sitting position several times before his Mama gave up and just let him play “bang on the little baby tub that I’m now too big for” while she wished she had the presence of mind to video the first time her seven month old son crawled.

One more major milestone checked off the list.
Here’s to many, many more to come!
Happy Seven Months Tay!!


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