So Yeah, February


Clearly February has not been a very inspiring month in a blogging sense.

Tay continues to be a gimpy crawler, preferring to sort of, weeble his way around the room by going on his hands and knees for a second, then sitting himself back up, an inch or two to the left/right of where he started and repeating this process until he finds something to distract himself with. He can crawl commando-style if he sees something he really wants badly and doesn’t want to screw around with the weebling. Then he puts his little butt in gear and just crawls across the room, but he has to be highly motivated for this to happen.

Still no teeth yet, although he’s happily devouring anything we give him and can handle very small pieces, although he looks sort of angsty when the pieces are too big (this only happens if he gets free reign on half a baby cookie because, teeth or no teeth, he doesn’t gnaw on the cookies until it melts, he bites big chunks off as soon as it hits his gums).

In general our boy is a complete pleasure to be out and about with. We can easily take him out to a restaurant if we feel like eating out, just so long as the restaurant has a high-chair. As long as he’s not hungry or too tired, Tay will very happily sit and play with a toy or people-watch while Piet and I eat our meals. He’s also gone swimming a few times and loves that too. He remains sweet and social, although he now clearly distinguishes between the “I know you and am happy to see you” group of people and the “who the hell are you and don’t expect me to smile until I’m ready” group of people. But even if he’s in an unfamiliar place, he never cries or acts up; he simply stays quiet and wide eyed until he gets used to his new surroundings and then he goes back to chewing on everything and babbling and shrieking in his usual way.

Oh, and this:

There’s a lot of this going on.
Child pulls himself up on practically any available surface already so I tend to think that he won’t be crawling too long before he gets the inclination to walk.

Work is still the same here. I show up, do what I have to and go home.
Piet’s work is pretty much the same too, although I think he likes what he’s doing much more than I do, plus he gets to go to some conferences this year.

The house is coming along pretty quickly right now and we may even have a finished ceiling/lights and one working heater on the first floor before Piet’s parents go on vacation.

I’m also looking forward to the beginning of March because my mom will be visiting for a week since she hasn’t seen Tay in person since he was 2 months old.

Guess you can say I’ve had it with February. Come oooooon March.


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