8 Months, Now To Be Known As “When Mama Dropped The Ball”


So, Tay turned 8 months old on Wednesday last week.

There was a photo taken and I’ll edit it into this post once I get it off my mom’s camera.

My mom’s visit has pretty much eclipsed all the other activities of the past week, not that it explains the lack of blogging.

Life in general and being a full time working parent sort of explains it, although I know other parents seem to manage it, so it doesn’t excuse it.

Anyway, Tay crawls and chatters away and giggles and rides Piet’s shoulders and loves swimming and pulls himself up on ANYTHING and tries to take steps and dances and uses a sippy cup and still eats everything (including light brown bread and eggs which we recently added to his repertoire).

He’s such a busy boy and growing so fast.

I’m not sure which milestone we’ll hit next but I figure it’s a toss up between first steps and first tooth.


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