Wijvenweek: The Beauty Queen Hidden Within


I’m absolutely not a primping kind of girl.

My hair is typically pulled up in a ponytail, my nails are cut short and rarely painted, I wear makeup maybe 10 times a year, if that, and 5 days out of the week I can be seen wearing the black shoes and jeans and white button down shirt that is my work uniform.

Somewhere around puberty I gave up fighting with my curly hair and resigned myself to the permanent ponytail. It is only now, after pregnancy took most of my curl that I’m tentatively trying to figure out ways to style my hair.

Somewhere around senior year of high school I realized that if I wore makeup every day and then decided not to wear it one day, people would think I looked sick or tired. But if I never wore makeup and then wore it to a dance or some other social event, people thought I looked amazing.

Somewhere after college I packed on about 50 pounds of excess weight and stopped trying to be plus-sized and fashionable. Over sized t-shirts and jeans made up my wardrobe until the last 3 years or so.

My one major weakness? The chink in my anti-trendy, anti-fashionable armor?

Hand cream.

I loooove having multiple tubes of pretty scented hand creams. I have them everywhere.
Two tubes in backpack, three in my bedroom, one in my purse. Because maybe one day I feel like honey hand cream but the next I think citrus fits my mood better.
Almond hand cream is great for over night, but Japanese mint and sweet orange is a nice pick me up in the mornings.

And this particular addiction has gotten worse since a dermatologist told me I was probably allergic to perfume this past February. Now that perfume/eau de toilette is (temporarily, I hope) off-limits, my nose craves soothing scents in hand lotion form.

So in a way, I guess part of me is thankful for the constant hand washing I have to do between my job, having pets and an 8 month old baby at home. All the more reason to buy more hand lotion!



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