Wijvenweek: Ugh, Look At This, We Have An Opinion


The Diva Cup.

I’m sure most of you have heard of it.

A silicon cup inserted into the birth canal that catches menstrual blood.

An environmentally friendly alternative to pads and tampons.

I could talk about the massive advantages of this little thing, or I could mumble some of the slight disadvantages of it, to try to be unbiased, although I’m clearly not, but that’s not the opinion I’m expressing today.

What I’m expressing is my opinion of the people (women in particular) who sound outraged, horrified and/or disgusted with the thought of using something non-disposable to deal with their menstrual blood.

Clearly a woman’s disgust with her monthly cycles and the resulting fluids (and possibly her own genitals in some cases) is a product of the patriarchal mentality of most societies, but I won’t even attempt opening that door this evening.

I do think, though, that it’s pretty sad that a woman would find it so disgusting to use a little cup to catch/dump her monthly flow. How is it any worse that pulling a piece of bloody cotton out of your vagina or pulling your pants down and seeing a few hours accumulation of menstrual blood in your pad?
Not to mention the fact that a tampon not only absorbs the blood but also your natural moisture as well. And then there’s the toxic shock syndrome risk that goes along with tampons.
And pads? Not only are they disturbingly diaper like, but if you can’t change them frequently you can get extremely irritated skin and unless you get scented pads (or sometimes even if you get scented pads) they tend to smell pretty bad pretty quickly.

Why is it that so many women think it’s better put chemical additives and smells in and around their most sensitive bodily area?

And why is it that most women see the act of giving birth as such a beautiful, natural thing but their period is something disgusting?

A whole lot of nasty fluids came pouring out of me while I was in labor. I’ll take a few milliliters of uterine lining any day over a few pints of meconium filled amneotic fluid.

Anyway, I guess if I could say anything to some of the judgmental women I’ve seen criticizing those of us that opt for (and prefer immensely) a menstrual cup, it would be this:

Get the stick (of nasty, smelly cotton and fibers) out of your vagina and stop trying to force your intolerance of your own genitals and bodily functions on those of us who are not ashamed by our female reproductive organs. Some of us don’t like to have a chafing, irritating wad of cotton wedged in our birth canals and some of us prefer to leave the diaper-wearing to our babies. Some of us don’t feel the need to pack landfills full of bloody layers of rayon. Take a second to think about why you’re so repulsed by your own body before you get all uppity and judge me for NOT being repulsed by mine.


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  2. Great post! I haven’t tried it myself, mostly because with the bc-pill I only loose a few drops of blood during my period… But I’m going to keep this in mind, just in case…

  3. It’s really not that known yet over here. I’ve only heard about the concept because of you. I would need to get used to the idea but do find it a very interesting concept.

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