Nine Months


My little jellybean is 9 months old.

I’d say he’s been out as long as he was in, but I still have to wait another week for that statement to be true.

But oh, what a beautiful wonderful little boy he is!

And really, at this point I kind of have to say “little boy” and not “baby” because while yes, okay, he’s still a baby, he’s just so much not a baby anymore. He’s looking more and more toddler every day with his wispy blond hair filling in and his squidgy thighs melting away the more he crawls around. About a week ago his first tooth broke through his gums and the second showed up right next to it within the day. He doesn’t seem to be in terrible pain, although he does get clingy sometimes and collapses onto whoever is holding him in exhaustion.
Which could be the teeth or the growth spurt we think he’s having since his usual 200 gram pot of meat and veggies simply doesn’t do anymore. Add a whole kiwi to that. And add a baby cookie to his pot of fruit and a spoon or two of cereal to his bottles and that about fills him up, give or take a rice cake or three.

He’s also growing more mischievous by the day. He understands “no” in both Dutch and English, but you can tell he’s deciding whether to listen to it or not. From what I can tell Mama’s “no” is taken a little more seriously than Papa’s “nee.” He crawls wherever he wants to go, pulls himself up wherever he can, babbles non-stop, claps his hands at Bumba, and I swear the other day he was really trying to say “poes” (Dutch for cat) while watching Luna, although it came out “boof”.

So entertaining and happy and amazing, this little boy of ours.


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  1. So incredibly awesome…this is the best time EVER….not a bit surprised that poes would be his word as much as he loves Luna….and the boof makes perfectly logical sense to me, the SLP…kind of like Promeficlate = Maleficent..can’t wait to see him again on Skype!

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